22 August 2009

In less than two hours this morning I managed to rummage through the belongings of 20 different families. That's got to be some kind of record, eh? You've got to love a good neighborhood yard sale! Anyway, I also managed to make it home with a great load of things all for just a little over $15 (another potential record, considering that I spent almost $80 at garage sales last weekend!)

Want to see what I found?

$0.50 - Wooden shield and plastic sword - I know, the styles of the sword and shield conflict, but Oliver doesn't know that. I've put off the whole sword thing as long as I could, but now that Oliver is using anything in sight (including wrapping paper rolls and golf clubs) as swords, I have finally given in. At least he's more into medieval warfare and we've been able to a void a huge interest in guns... so far. (I do realize it's only a matter of time. I'm okay with that.)

$0.25 - Glass jar candle, apple scented - It's got a good two weeks left in it if I burn it during the days. We enjoyed our Yankee Candle I bought last week so much (yep, it's all used up) that I decided to look for another one today. I will confess, with these nice candle smells in the house, it's hard not to feel a little excitement about fall. (Yes, I just said the "f" word. It is coming, you know...)

$1.00 - 2 Cookbooks: Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef Takes Off and Williams-Sonoma's Holiday Favorites - yes, $0.50 apiece. I'm quite pleased.

$3.00 - 2 Gap sweatshirts, a hooded shirt and a puffy vest - for you-know-who. Fall clothes are so fun to buy and to wear. (There goes that "f" word again - what can I say? The air is sort of crisp today!) I'm thinking I'll layer a button-down shirt under that second navy sweatshirt and make a very handsome boy.

$6.00 - 2 lightweight urban t-shirts, a lightweight button-down shirt, a Banana Republic tie and a pair of striped shorts. All for my guy. He put the striped shirt and one of the t-shirts on right away to test the fit. He said I could photograph the clothes on him if I didn't show his face since he needs to shave. He's funny.

$3.00 - 2 Melissa & Doug 48-piece floor puzzles. Oliver was over the moon and had me sit down with him for a quick assembly right away. The kid loves him some puzzles!

$0.50 - "Scoop" from Bob the Builder - a HUGE winner. We found "Muck" a few weeks ago and Oliver spent hours in the sandbox playing with him. Since then I've been on the lookout for more characters. When my Mama and I spotted Scoop we we both practically giddy! So much for the poker face :)

$0.50 - 2 down-filled pillows - trying to only buy things that I know will be useful immediately, but sometimes it's hard to pass up down pillows for a quarter apiece. I imagine I'll make some covers for them with some fabric I have set aside. Great deal!

And, my favorite thing of the day
(even though it wasn't a mind-blowing bargain, it makes me quite happy!):

$1.00 - green J.Crew tank top and PINK brand striped pajama pants. I'm wearing them as I type. I'm a huge sucker for lounge gear.

And now, I want to see what you found this week! Link below so I (and lots of other folks) can visit your blog to see the great bargains you scored! (It's always so fun to see what people find across the country!)


The Morrisons said...

Great finds! Owen loves puzzles right now too, and I think he is about ready for some of our "real" ones out of the closet. Maybe Oliver can teach him how! Once Micah is over a phase, it is hard to get him back into it ;) Miss you guys; hope to see you tomorrow (maybe twice?)

Martha said...

You had a good day! Some great deals. I had a good day too but spent way more than I meant to. Of course, we will use everything we bought and got some crazy deals. Thanks for hosting; I've linked to my deals for today.

Julia said...

i'm amazed at the deals you find!! wow! i'm a HUGE sucker for lounge wear too.

so, do you scope out garage sales that you're gonna hit up during the week? do you find them on craigslist and mark your route?? i always say im going to go, but then never remember til saturday morning.

i also love the post you did about hanging pics on a wall a few days ago. love it! we do'nt have stairs in the house we're in now, but maybe someday! thanks for all the tips!

Tracy said...

I won an EBAY auction today, does that count? lol. :)

L said...

Great finds, as usual! I haven't been able to make it out since my great Longaberger bargain. I also loved your post about your picture wall...it looks great!

Christine said...

Rae, I like MckLinky!

And I like you!

love and kisses and sweet deals,

mamaK said...

I am amazed at the great deals you find! Especially the sword and shield. We are looking for more dress up/pretend stuff here! What a great find. I came here from Bring the Rain, and love your Saturday posts they always encourage me to find things cheaper and cheaper (which my hubby LOVES!) =)

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

This is blogs-a-riffic!