24 June 2010


Our precious girl, you are already three months old!
You're growing tall (24") and chubby (14 pounds!), which are welcomed signs to us that you are healthy and thriving. We are so grateful for every inch and every pound!

You are so strong and eager to be up and moving - you want to see the world! Just yesterday you rolled over for the first time and now there's just no turning back. (*sniff*)

Your beautiful blue eyes are just like your brothers (and Daddy's). Your blonde hair is growing longer and thicker which makes Mommy very happy!

You are the biggest morning person we know! When you wake up from a nap or bedtime, you just squeal and coo and giggle for a long time before you can even think to make a demand for food or a diaper change. You're just all smiles!


You love to sit up in your Bumbo seat and watch your brother play all around you. He is the sun and the moon to you as far as we can tell.

It has surprised us how much he delights you even now - and how much you delight him! He's always asking to touch you and hold you, and offering helpful suggestions when you're upset. He dotes on you like a big brother should, and calls you "Hazey" as he strokes your head or offers you a toy.


You're definitely a cuddler too - which makes your Mama and Daddy very happy! Sometimes you're fussy for a bit and if we hand you your blankie you'll snuggle it to your face and settle right down.

You still get up in the night every 4 hours or so to eat, although we're noticing that it's more of a habit than necessity these days. While we're anxious to teach you to be a good sleeper (so that we can be better sleepers too!), we know these days with you in your bed next to ours are going to be gone before we know it!

There's no doubt about it, baby girl. You are loved and we are so thankful for our precious gift. We are praying for you even now to "grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."


Here's to many more months (and years!) to come!

18 June 2010

Since you asked so nicely, I have put together a quick (yet thorough and hopefully helpful) tutorial on how to convert girls knee socks to adorable leg warmers for your little guy or gal.

(Have I mentioned that these are not only a great looking baby accessory, but they also serve a nice, functional purpose as well? I love not having to mess with pants when I need to do a quick diaper change. This keeps baby's legs warm, without having to mess with taking off and putting on pants every time she needs changed!)

Ok, so here's what you need:
  • 1 pair knee socks (may I recommend the $2 knee socks at Target?)
    these would be pretty cute.
  • Rotary cutter, cutting mat and straight edge (or, just a pair of scissors would be fine and much less fussy)
  • Sewing machine, ideally. But if you don't have one handy, you can definitely hand stitch with this project!
  • Somebody little with cold legs.
And, here's what you do:

Begin by making three cuts - one at the ankle (to remove the foot), and two at the foot (one to remove the heel and one to remove the toe).
Your socks will now look something like this:


You can discard the heel and toe, unless you have any great ideas for how to utilize these??

Now, we're going to focus on the foot piece.


It will become your new cuff, or the bottom, finished edge of your legging.

Begin by folding it wrong sides facing each other, so that you have two cut edges facing one direction (1). Then, stuff the cut end of the sock into your new cuff (2 & 3) so that you now have 3 layers of cut edges all facing the same direction (4).

How about those funky little arrows? Eh? Eh?

Still with me?

Now, grab hold of your three layers and march them over to your machine. (or to your needle and thread if you roll that way)


You will be stitching the three layers together with about a 1/4" - 1/2" seam allowance.

I use a straight stitch, though I know a lot of folks might suggest a zigzag stitch or even a serging stitch if you have that option to keep the fabric from unravelling. Straight stitch works fine for me and I haven't had any unravelling issues thus far.

Run it through your machine, making sure you're catching all three layers. (It's tricky to keep all the edges lined up and not rolling. Be firm.)

Note: do your best NOT to give the fabric any resistance or to stretch it while it's being stitched. It will look funny.

(Again with the arrows. You like?)

This is what it should look like once it's stitched. Perfect is great. But if it's not, it'll be just fine!


Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for!

Flip the cuff up to conceal the stitching and to make it look like a legging.
(yes, all three photos really were necessary for the big flip.)

Okay, now do you feel awesome or what?

Oh, and for argument's sake, I sewed the other legging with a zigzag stitch. You can see it stretches the knit more and makes the seam sort of wonky. (The straight stitch is on the bottom and the zigzag is on top. See?)


This would really be an appropriate time to finish with a photo of Hazel in her adorable new lavender and grey striped leggings. I'm not waking her so you'll just have to imagine.

Happy sewing!

16 June 2010


Congratulations, Chelsa and Danielle! Contact me with your pick of any bib or burp cloth from my shop!

And thanks SO much to y'all! I now have a fabulous list of Etsy shops all in one place (and I'm glad to share!) :)

I'm considering highlighting a few of my favorites as I go through them - would that be fun?

**comments closed**

So, I mentioned a few posts back that - as I am getting the hang of being the Mama of two - I've been finding time to play in my sewing room lately and boy, has it been lovely! I just recently got a new, big, beautiful pile of fabrics and have been in hog heaven doing all kinds of glorious things with them!

(Should I feel guilty that I hardly ever make anything for Oliver? I mean, I made his duvet and a few other things for his room, but a mama can only make so many pajama pants only to watch them be covered in yogurt and syrup every morning! Girly things are just more fun to make!)

I've been making dresses and tops for Hazel and, buying up all of Target's $2 knee socks and converting them into leggings with great girly passion and fervor.


I've also been getting a lot of requests to resurrect the Ragamuffin Skirts (just recently highlighted on this blog) and am finding it harder and harder to say "no". I've even done some playing with the original design and am working on a new summer skirt idea that I may share if I can ever get 'er done.

I've also been dyeing things! More of Oliver's dirty ol' jammies and shirts that just need a little more pink and a little less blue - and even a few cloth diapers! (Don't worry - only covers!)

But the main thing that I've been working on is keeping my Etsy shop stocked. I started making bibs and burp cloths in preparation for having a new baby in the house, and many of y'all asked if I'd be willing to make them available for sale. Per your suggestions (thanks, guys!), I've been selling them on Etsy since late last year and can hardly keep them stocked half the time!

They good news is, they're fun to make (especially when I have fresh, gorgeous fabrics to work with!), and I'm glad to do my little part to promote lovely aesthetics in the burping and spitting category.


Anyway, I was thinking yesterday that I haven't done a giveaway on my blog in awhile, so I decided to give away a couple of things from the shop!

Why don't you leave a comment (1 per person, please!) telling me your favorite Etsy shop/seller and what they sell. (This way it's a win/win - you get to enter the giveaway, I get to have a list of fabulous shops all in one place!) I'll close comments and chose two winners sometime Friday and let each winner pick something from my shop!

Sounds fun, right?

Oh, and if you don't have a favorite Etsy shop... um... I don't know... just do a little searching and I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Happy Wednesday!

15 June 2010

Sometimes, when you're busy playing in your sandbox
(and wearing your sister's leggies)...


... you feel a sudden urge to bolt across the yard, fling yourself into the air and collapse on the ground with relish.


And when you're 3 years old and feeling happy-go-lucky...


... you just pick yourself back up...


and resume play like it ain't no thing!


Go! Frolic!

(But come back tomorrow because I'm planning a giveaway!!)

12 June 2010

So, Hazel has this hat.


It's my favorite.

It turns out to be a pretty handy accessory since it's a lot easier to clip bows to her pilot hat than to her peach fuzzy head.


I'd had my eye on one of these Hanna Anderson hats for a while when I was still in waiting for Miss Hazel. Then, I couldn't believe my good fortune when I came across this pink one for only $0.50 at a garage sale. I love to clip things to it.

Even if my husband thinks I'm a bit overboard.


I have a girl and I'm loving every minute of it (even if it means clipping ridiculously large flowers to her tiny head)!

Also, have I mentioned how much I love to shop at garage sales?

10 June 2010

but all I can think to do is snap pictures of this girl's feet while she's still little.



i love her.

09 June 2010

How long do you think I can get away with just posting photos?


Hopefully long enough for me to teach this kid to swim!


We're busy summering these days! Getting the hang of being the Mommy of two, loving the pool, walking lots and even getting to spend some time in my sewing room!

What are y'all up to these days??

02 June 2010

**Update: Since you all asked about my necklaces... the metal one is a Lisa Leonard oval monogram necklace and the long, colorful one is from Light Gives Heat (a humanitarian organization that is working to empower Africans to sustain themselves economically and creatively) and was a gift from my sweet friend Mis.

It's a Suubi Necklace - paper beads hand-rolled by Ugandan women. They make all kinds of beautiful necklace styles (I love the shamrock!), but the Classic (the one I'm wearing) is great because of it's versatility (you can wear it long, doubled, tripled, knotted, around your wrist as a bracelet, etc.). I'm glad you all like it! You can buy one here. :)

Oh yeah, and to answer Julie's question, Hazel's bow is actually an alligator clip with a little no-slip grip in it. I (optimistically) bought a handful of bows for her here before she was born and specially requested the optional extra grip. (I think it's just made from cabinet liners).

And yes, I've heard KY Jelly works well to stick little ribbon bows to beautiful bald baby heads. Elmer's Glue will do the trick too - it's water soluble!

**Original post**

I'm working on a blog switch-a-roo. Well, maybe more like a summer face-lift, but it's taking my focus right now.

That and my sweet blonde babes.

Can you get enough of this sweet little lady (who's only been with us for 11 short weeks,
but already feels like she's been a part of us for a lifetime!)??


And how about this dress?
Wanna know how to make it??

Just cut a rectangle of lightweight fabric (you decide the length, and have the width be enough to go around your babe's body 1 1/2-2 times).
Stitch the short ends together.
Hem the bottom and run a gathering stitch around the top.
Stitch the gathered end upside down around the chest of a onesie you like, flip it down and topstitch.

Voila! You get the benefits of a onesie (doesn't ride up) with the style of a hip dress.

Don't forget to accessorize with a pair of leggings and a hair bow that is holding on for dear life!

(Oh, and I used a long-sleeved onesie, snipped and rolled the sleeves for a touch of interest.)


I hope this made some sense to you...

Happy Wednesday, friend!

Now, off to water my flowers...