01 November 2008

Okay, these first two are for my sweet friend Ginny and her family. She and Owen stopped by this week with a train set for Oliver's birthday. I'm not sure who is enjoying it more - him or us (Ryan and I LOVE to play with the train tracks!). Anyway, thanks so much to the Morrisons for an awesome birthday gift for the entire Myers family! :)

Yes, he's got a toy ice cream come in his hand - it's a favorite!

And, now, for the feature presentation (and, posted tonight per Christine's request!):
The cowboy and the ladybug!
I am not too proud to admit that, really, though Oliver was a cute cowboy, Beatrice absolutely took the cake. She really was the cutest ladybug I've ever seen. Oliver has really run the cowboy circuit this month - he's been wearing his cowboy gear quite regularly, and so, it was no surprise what he would look like on All Hallows Eve.
We could tell the Beatrice felt like she was wearing something special.
She actually walked with a bounce most of the night.
We took the kids to the pool house for face painting before going door to door, but they were both too scared to let anyone touch them with a paintbrush. Bea let me put spots on her cheeks, them proceeded to smear her right cheek into a black, smeary mess. (Caleb is cleaning her off, and she went the rest of the night with spots on just one side)
We wanted Oliver to have a handlebar mustache, but he did not consent.
Bea's three surviving dots:
Rebecca and I opted out of dressing up
- despite the pressure of the 30-year-old Little Bo Peeps and wenches. (tempting...)

We really didn't want the kids to say "trick or treat", but it made for awkward moments when people opened their doors expecting a certain script. Instead, we had Oliver practice saying "Howdy!" (which sounded more like "whoody"). Oh, well, at least they remembered to say thank you to about 95% of the people.
Okay, that's eleven photos of two sweet children that I love love love.

Have a blessed weekend!


Claire Wise Photography said...

oh my goodness they are sooooo adorable!

holly said...

i love both costumes. what an ideal neighborhood for trick or treating!

Christine said...

Thanks for obliging, pardner. And I love the one of Bea peeking into someone's house. She just knows that there are treats in there...

Susan said...

That is the cutest little cowboy and ladybug I've ever seen!