17 November 2008

Well, Christine, I'm with you on the bi-weekly "Not Me Monday" posts. What do you say we alternate? I, too have trouble being clever and witty every single Monday. :) I'm sure MckMamma would approve.

Well, for starters, I feel that I need to clarify a few things:

You know that lovely blue color that we painted our living room last April but left the highest parts of the walls (16' and up) to do a week later when we could find a taller ladder? It is definitely not still unfinished eight months later. And, the cool brown color we chose for the stairs and upstairs hallways more than four weeks ago? The new trim and moulding detail we thought would only take a week? That is certainly not sitting in limbo right now, a blaring banner of our tendency to start projects then take our time, for anyone who comes into our house to see first thing.

I'm so glad we cleared that up.

And, while we're clearing the air, I can say with firm conviction that I definitely did not wake up last Thursday morning and randomly decide to potty train my newly-two-year-old son in a day. That would be completely ridiculous, absurd and just setting myself up for defeat! But, for the record, he did not have 4 wonderful successes that day, and is not now a potty training champion. (!) And, for the record, he does not look absolutely ADORABLE in his tiny 2T boxer briefs running around the house celebrating life's small victories. Not Oliver.



Speaking of our little victor; I did not leave my wallet next to the computer this morning only to return to find it empty of my driver's license, debit card and credit card. I furthermore did not witness said 2-year-old proceeding to stick my library card in the disc drive of our iMac, cluing me in to where my other missing items may be found. And, I would be so incredibly frustrated if this did not actually mean that I am now sans 3 important cards and a disc drive for my computer. Seriously folks, if that had happened, if my driver's license were somewhere in the middle of my computer that I am currently typing on, so close, yet so so far away, I would feel a little crazy and desperate right now. So glad that did not happen this morning.


On a lighter note, I'm not planning to go rock climbing with my husband and good friends this weekend. And, if you want to join us, please don't feel free to give me a call. It would definitely not be the more the merrier.

I didn't go shopping with my Mom for Christmas gifts for my husband and son on Saturday. And, while I was out, shopping for gifts for others, I did not come across a great deal on jewel-toned sweaters at Old Navy and pick one up for myself while wishing myself a very Merry Christmas. I feel like that would have been missing the point of the outing. Good thing I controlled myself.

I didn't get to sleep in until almost 10:00 today because I just wasn't ready to start the week.

When we used to put Oliver down for naps, locking his door from the inside was not a great way to keep him committed to nap time (with a key hanging on the outside of his door, of course). He has not recently observed how we lock/unlock doorknobs, and learned how to escape rest time yet again. Because of our little Houdini, I did not cleverly devise a way to (very stylishly, of course) layer many angles of scotch tape over his door knob, completely and thoroughly covering the lock so that he could no longer escape the locked door.

This afternoon, I did not forget about my clever jimmy-rigging and close his door behind me, locking myself into his room while Ryan was gone for a meeting. The joke was not on me. I did not stand at the doorknob for several minutes, picking at my fancy tape job with my fingernails, sure that Oliver was watching and learning this new escape tactic.

After replacing the tape job and reading and singing Oliver into la-la-land, he did not, minutes later, do just what he'd seen his Mama doing and greet me in the hallway with a grin. Aw, man. Not again! Tape and locked doors is definitely not just a clever disguise for lazy parenting.

I am not totally excited about hosting Thanksgiving at our home next week! And, I am not that person who goes to Williams Sonoma, picks up their annual, free Thanksgiving planner complete with menu, recipes and a grocery list and then just does exactly what they say. That would be so consumerist of me. I am not a sell out!

Good thing we won't also have a traditional Thanksgiving meal in Ohio on Saturday to make up for the less traditional blue cheese spread appetizers, snap beans with caramelized shallots and Smoky Bacon-Biscuit Dressing.

It has not been 222 days since I first laid eyes on my sweet Evie-girl. It has also not been 222 days since I kissed her and smelled her, felt her weight in my hands and told her how much her Mama loves her for the last time on this earth. I have not missed her terribly this week.

All my love, my friends.
Do not go forth into your week with the grace and peace of Christ our Savior. (but really, do!)


The Morrisons said...

love your post, Raechel! I am currently not dealing with a child with pneumonia wishing he would get well already! But, we do want so much to get together with you guys. Your Thanksgiving idea sounds great. Since I am not hosting an early thanksgiving at my house this weekend with my dad, I will by no circumstances steal any of your ideas! Seriously though, I think I might make a ham and remember you having us over last year for a wonderful one. Would you mind sharing any ideas? Talk to you soon.

Christine said...

I did not also have a potty training whim and go out on Sunday to buy a potty chair, a bag of m&ms, and many little 2T-sized briefs. I did not give that plan up yesterday after realizing I hadn't also gotten training pants. I am not too chicken to just tackle the job of potty training twins who are only wearing Transformers briefs. I am not hopelessly in love with my furniture the way it is, unspoiled by accidents.

Also, I am not simply forcing the potty upon them because of the ridiculous amount of money we spend on diapers each month. I do not put my financial needs before my children's comfort and emotional maturity.

Christine said...

Also, thanks for the link! I am totally on board with alternating. Of course, this morning I was able to compose a full Not Me! post in my head. I'll just have to wait my turn.

Susan said...

Raechel, I am committed to early potty training (Sam and Lucie trained at 23 and 19 months, respectively) for exactly one reason: because their tiny little butts look so cute in tiny little undies!!! Okay, I also don't love to change diapers, but seriously, it's the undies that motivates me. Boxer briefs, in particular--for both of them. I found a lady on etsy.com who custom makes little boxer briefs for boys and girls (like these: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17312329) and she even did "wholesale pricing" because I ordered 10 pair or something. Fantastic. So congrats to Oliver on his accomplishment, and lucky you, for having cute little boxer briefs running around your house these days.
Also, if there's anything cuter than Oliver and Bea sitting side-by-side on their potties, I haven't seen it yet.

Tracy said...

I also did NOT buy myself something at target yesturday while Christmas shopping. I'm glad I passed up that temptation as well. (I am NOT gonig to wear that sweater today, by the way...)