19 November 2009

I know, I've fallen off the face of the Earth again... I'm sorry...

I'm just writing to let y'all know that everything is fine! It's been a busy week (including instructing and hosting a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner for twelve with my Art of Homemaking class on Monday)! Whew - that was a lot of work. But well worth it!

Anyway, it's Thursday evening and I've got my nose to the grindstone - okay, well, more like my foot to the sewing pedal. I'm (hopefully) in the final stages of my quilt-making project and I'm really excited to show you all photos (as well as photos of all the other things that have been going on around here this week!)

I will post again soon!

Miss y'all!


SarahMerritt said...

We miss you too! I was going to @ you on Twitter to ask about how the quilt was going!


Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

We do miss you too. But I totally understand. I kind of feel that way too this week. I am so behind on reading my favorite blogs.

Becky said...

We miss you too, but we understand! You're busy with homemaking, mothering, wifing (is that even a word?) teaching and oh, I don't know, growing a baby!;) *I almost said making a baby, but that didn't sound appropriate!;))Take your time, we'll be here patiently waiting!

Tracy said...

fun! Can't wait to see the quilt!