06 December 2009

We took Oliver for his first haircut yesterday.

Yes, he's three years old. Yes, he just has a bit of hair. (In fact, when he sat down in the chair he looked at the barber and informed him, "I don't have much hair.") But, that bit of hair was starting to get whispy and fluffy around his ears - something that is cute and endearing on a 5-month old, not so endearing on a 3-year-old.

I expected to be nervous or nostalgic or something, but I was cool. (Yes, I'm so cool.)

We took him to Dave's Barber Shop at The Factory in Franklin. Wouldn't have it any other way - we love Dave and his family and can't imagine anyone else giving Oliver his first haircut! (And poor Dave had a lot of pressure on him - if something were to go wrong, it'd likely take another three years for it to grow out!)

Dave did great (we had no doubt), Oliver sat admirably (and excitedly!), and Mama and Papa were the proud/nervous/excited parents who photographed the entire event.

Yes, we do that. A lot.

Here we are, waiting our turn.

More waiting. Dave's Barber Shop is the place to be!

Ready to roll.
(And yes, Oliver requested a tie for the occasion.
He likes to dress up from time to time.)

He couldn't stop smiling.

The end bit took a little help from Mom and Dad
- the buzzers tickle and make it hard to sit still.

The finished product - no more whispys!

(This is really our family portrait - see me in the photo too?)

Thanks, Dave!
We'll be back in three years for the next trim!


Erin said...

How cute! Alex is 2.5 and I feel like I cut her hair every 4 weeks!!! :) How cute is he and I love your family portrait ha ha!!!

Brooke said...

the tie is priceless! I love to see all the places you go, I am from nashville and have a lot of family in the franklin area. Happy holidays.

Amy, queen of the world. said...

So cute!! I'm so glad my little guy isn't the only one who has hair-growing issues. lol... I almost hate to get his hair cut at all because it has grown so sporadically on his head. The back is getting so long and wispy and curly, but he's still got the old man hairline up front. I think he's trying to grow his own little version of a mullet! But I'm afraid if I cut off what he has, he'll never grow any back! lol

Susan Graham said...

He looks snazzy! I love little boys with trimmed hair. It just looks so sharp!

Claire Wise Photography said...

Adorable! Love all the photos - and I ADORE the new blog header. Just confirms to me once again that ALL three year old boys must stick their tongue out at least once during a photo session!! :)

Chelsa said...

wow- i can't believe he is just getting his first hair cut! you save money that way :) lol

i love his white hair-- it is the same color as my little mans!

Erin said...

I think Oliver looks so much like you now!

Erin said...

I think Oliver looks so much like you now!

Katy said...

awww he looks so big! and a great haircut!

Christine said...

He looks so very proud to be a part of the haircut club as he sits in that chair. :)

I, for one, am jealous. I cut the boys' hair every 3 weeks, and Jack's has a total mind of its own, with about 16 cowlicks on top. I'd rather it be fuss-free, personally.

Hurrah, Oliver!

Bekah F. said...

Oh my goodness, the tie is too much! So cute! My mom and I visited Franklin a few weeks ago and fell in love with your precious little city. You're so blessed to live in such a great town!

Anonymous said...

Hey Raechel, Oliver is so stinkin' cute!!

I know you're super busy being adorably pregnant but I was just wondering if you were ever going to post the 4th question & answer post?! I think my question is in there and I would love to hear your input! Thanks!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

His haircut looks great!!! I love all the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

I always hated getting my kids their first haircuts....probably b/c they had curls that never grew back. Anyways, I just have to say I LOVE that last "family portrait". It's sooooo cool!!!

You have a very artistic eye!