03 December 2009

We received our first Christmas card of the season today.

It was addressed:

"Dear Ryan, Raechel, Oliver and Hazel,"

What a sight!

It made me really happy to see our names all in order together!

And I was okay with it - it didn't make me sad - it made me really glad!
I don't worry that Evie's not included. I know Evie doesn't need Christmas cards either.
She gets the best end of the deal - she is with Christ!

Anyway, it was fun to see our little family all written out. Like a little Christmas present!

Merry Christmas!


KK said...

Very cool! Can you even imagine Christmas in Heaven? She definitely doesn't need a card :)

So many Ideas not enough Time said...

Today I was thinking about our little boy, Gilbert, that we lost in July. His due date was Christmas eve, and I started to feel sad that he wasn't going to be with us for his first Christmas. But then God gently reminded me that he's going to have the BEST first Christmas that he will remember always. And God has given our families an amazing Christmas gift this year of new life growing in our wombs. What a great joy to carry through this season.
Merry Christmas

Chelsa said...

precious :)

Tracy said...

very neat!

Erin said...

Special, I love getting Christmas Cards and can't wait for them to start rolling in. I just need to decide when to start sending mine!

Googies Girl said...

Seeing your baby's name written by someone is just truly magical. Hard to explain, but understood. It's the little things like that which mean so much!

Rachel said...

What a blessing! Christmas cards are wonderful, but even more wonderful when they come with a little surprise :)

Anonymous said...

What a precious thought -- Evie is WITH the One we celebrate!