30 December 2010


Hi pretty girl.

You're nine months old now.

Well, let me correct that - you're nearly nine and a half months old now. I'm a good two weeks behind on this update. Let's blame it on Christmas and traveling and the busyness of chasing around a very busy 9 month old!

Oh Hazel, you are so lovely and so, so loved. These past nine months have sped by exponentially faster than the nine months you occupied my tummy. I'm so glad you're here!


(And yes, you are wearing a boy's outfit in these photos. I just really liked it and figured a bit of panache on top would take care of it. Turns out, your sweet girly face was all the panache it needed - though the flower doesn't hurt either.)

{Do I sound like a doting mommy or what?}

So, the 9-month update.
In the last month you have:
  • thinned out a bit (on account of burning so many calories in your awake time, I imagine) and are currently in the 25th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height.
  • continued eating and nursing like a champ (you will literally eat anything we feed you except for lima beans)
  • gotten good at signing "more" and "please" (you busted out the "please" sign like a wild woman at the Christmas Eve service when you saw Oliver enjoying a candy cane)
  • started waving at photos on the wall (which means that every trip up and down the stairs takes a looong time because you always want to stop and wave at each picture)
  • become quite a speedy crawler and a steady cruiser. You can transfer from the sofa to the ottoman effortlessly but have no interest at all in walking.
  • mastered 3 words: Mama, more and baby (boy do you love babies!)
  • given us a run for our money in the sleeping department. Oh Hazel, how we just want to sleep at night!
  • proven to be a master stair climber

Happy nine months, baby girl! See you in two weeks for your 10-month update. :)


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, not to mention Oliver's twin!

Shandell said...

our 17 month old wouldn't sleep through the night until around 14 months. We tried the No-Cry Sleep Solution, and while it takes some patients, and dedication, it felt like we had tailored a plan just for our little bean with one on one advice from an expert. If you haven't already, I highly recommend trying it!

Sarah said...

Hazel is most adorable! I love the headband, and the pajamas. I had no idea they were boy pajamas. My 18 month old didn't start sleep well until around 9 months when I dropped her 10 pm feeding. While I wasn't waking her to eat, she really just needed uninterrupted sleep. She started sleeping much better once I started putting her down at 7 and just leaving her. I don't know if you do a dreamfed, but maybe that will help. Happy New Year!

Melanie @adorkable said...

every single time I see pictures of your little ones, my uterus jumps with joy. :D so precious they are.

Erin said...

she is so darn cute! :)

Sarah-Anne said...

that's right, mama...all that boy outfit needed was your baby's pretty face!