10 December 2010

"Oliver, you up for a quick game of Battleship before school?"



And this is how my boys spent the last ten minutes before it was time to take Oliver to preschool. They had a lovely time, giggling and hunting for each other's ships.

There were no wireless Battleship games when we were kids. Just the red and white pegs and the calling out of coordinates.

And we had to walk through the snow with no shoes to school, up hill both ways.

Okay, not that. But isn't it funny and a little sad that their world is so much different than ours? Life was so simple when we were kids. I'm pretty sure Oliver's never seen a paper map. He just watches us follow the purple road on the GPS to the checkered flag. We have the actual Battleship board game. But we never like to get it out because of all the tiny choking hazards. And I'm pretty sure if he saw a line drawing of an old school telephone (the kind that sits on your sideboard with the rotary dial and the big heavy receiver that clunks down - the kind that Pottery Barn sells a digial novelty version of), he might not know what it was.

We're like the Jetsons. Except with all this technology, Scout still won't fetch the paper and I still have to get on my hands and knees to give my floor a good thorough cleaning. (Unless I get one of those Shark steam mops. Hm...)

There's no point to this really. Just sort of stream of consciousness. I suppose the best way to close is with a photo of my little peanut. While the boys were playing games, she was busy banging on presents and checking out the tree.


I think she's hoping it's a wireless pacifier locater. You never know.


Brookeanne said...

Too funny! This reminded me of the times each of our children waving their hands in front of the towel dispenser, assuming it would automatically dispense on it's own. That and the toilets. I can't imagine what it will be like when out grandchildren are born, and how technological the world will be! :)

SarahMerritt said...

Oh do invest in a shark steam mop! I love ours it saves me so much time cleaning our hard wood and tile (we only have 2 rooms of carpet our bedroom and the back office) Hubby got me one on black friday because I have been wanting one for a while....

Tracy said...

I'm thinking I need a roomba. Something to vacuum for me. Oh, and maybe something to wipe baby faces. That's kind of a hard job.

Susan said...

Wait. Was she "banging on presents," or was she "banging on presents whilst wearing an aqua-and-purple polka dotted fuzzy thing with little ears?" It matters.

Christine said...

You KNOW how old school we are, right? Just send him here. We use paper atlases, and we have an old-fashioned rotary phone. The numbers ARE push-buttons, but for all intents and purposes, it's vintage.

Plus we have DSL! I know, right??!

Shandell said...

I was going to say the opposite about the shark steam mop. I still have to scrub our floors by hand.

Alyssa said...

Cute! My kids are always hearing "When I was a kid" stories. It never ceases to amaze them! And even though I absolutely LOVE the way my hardwood looks after a good hands and knees cleaning, you HAVE to get that Shark steam mop! Hands down, the BEST invention as of late! Sometimes, technology is better!

Sarah said...

I know!I feel the same way anytime I see a new gadget. My husband just got an electric guitar app (even though he 4 real guitars!) and it just didn't seem right.

I love Hazel's Fleecie. My daughter has one, pink with brown bears on it, but sadly it's a bit too small now. (she's 1.5 years old) oh well, there's always the next baby right?!

Ps. I just found your blog from Jodi Mockabee, and I love it!