02 July 2008

It's late and I don't have time to write much, but I have something I just can't wait to say!

We went to the Faires' this evening for dinner, and while Rebecca, Caleb & Ryan were busy in the kitchen, I was watching the kids in the living room. Oliver disappeared for awhile and then reappeared carrying Bea's potty chair.

We don't have one at our house yet, but he'd played with Bea's once before (we'd told him that this was where to go potty, they took turns sitting on it and that was that).

Anyway, he brought it in to me saying "potty, potty". I figured we had a bit of time for an educational moment before dinner so I took of his shoes and shorts and removed his diaper. He sat right down on it and with very little prompting from me, produced a very small bit of "poops" in the potty seat!!

I know, this is a silly thing to be writing about - but it's quite an accomplishment for our little 20-month-old. Well, we made a big to-do about what he'd done and Auntie Rebecca gave him a chocolate chip for a reward. He wanted to keep trying for a while but didn't do anything else. I guess it's time to buy a potty chair!

Apart from Oliver's latest achievement, we are also planning to leave in the morning for a short family vacation to Pigeon Forge for the 4th of July weekend! The Penningtons (my Dad's side of the family) have never done a family reunion before, but as all the cousins in our family are growing up and moving away and starting families, we're having to be very intentional about seeing one another. It will be lovely to have everyone together again.

Ryan and I were talking today and realized that we hadn't left the Franklin/Nashville area since last Thanksgiving. No wonder we're excited to get away!

For the past six months we haven't been able to make any plans because of the uncertainty of my pregnancy and so on. It's been really fun to make plans for something. I really think I'm looking forward to this change of scenery. Nearly every morning for the past three months I've woken up (and often fallen asleep) thinking about my baby girl. Three mornings this week I woke up and the first thing I thought of wasn't sad - I was looking forward to our vacation!

It is definitely time to turn in for the evening. Looking forward to a good night's sleep and a happy wake-up tomorrow!


The Morrisons said...

Yeah Oliver!! Hopefully, he will bypass the fears that Micah has. Hope you are having fun on your trip. So happy that you have had some happy days. Let's get together soon, seriously. How about this week.