30 July 2008

Okay, I realize this is my 3rd post today, but I just found something that makes me really happy and I have to share it.

I love good design. And when someone combines something that is aesthetically pleasing with something that is useful and practical, even educational, good design is at it's best. This is why I have just recently fallen in love with Crocodile Creek. They make useful things for children like place mats and dishes and puzzles, but they make them attractive (not obnoxious) and educational.

This place mat, for example, is beautiful to look at, keeps the table clean (at least the part of the table that if covers...) and it is useful to teach Oliver about the alphabet, about different countries in the world, and animals that are indigenous to those countries. So cool!

That's all about Crocodile Creek. I'm a fan.


The Morrisons said...

Place mats were a big hit around here too! Micah loved them and he would get so distracted by learning that he wouldn't think to complain about his meal!!