24 July 2008

Our friends Matt & Ginny Morrison have offered to lend us their toddler bed for Oliver to use. (Thanks again, guys!) We got it all set up in his room and he danced all around it and rolled all over it. I think he's very excited about the freedom to get in and out of a bed all by himself.

Last night we let him have his first go at the big boy bed and it went very well. We checked in on him throughout the evening and at one point stuck our heads in to find all the toy bins pulled out and a little figure running and jumping back into bed. At least he knows where he's supposed to be!

Apart from the new sleeping arrangements, we are also working on learning letters. We have been working on the letters Oliver has in the bathtub to begin with and he has learned to identify 10-12 letters by name. It's so funny to watch him learning to make new sounds with his mouth.

Oliver's favorite letter is "M", perhaps because it's the first one that we taught him. As a result, every time we show him a letter, the first sound out of his mouth is "emmmmm" before he takes a moment to see what we're showing him.

Tonight we had a rather relaxed dinner time (Oliver and I sat on the countertop eating Spaghettios and yogurt - the result of a long day and an impatient, hungry boy). I noticed that they were ABC Spaghettios, so I started asking him what the letters were. He got pretty enthusiastic about the game, so Ryan turned the camera on and captured a bit of it.

The video's actually pretty long, so feel free to watch as long as you like and then move on. I figured grandparents would want to see it in it's entirety, so feel free to give up on us if you start dozing off. :-) Oh, and you'll also probably want to tell Jack Johnson to hush for a bit so you can hear...


Granddad said...

That bed looks a lot more fun than a crib!! And, the letter learning video was great....WAY TO GO, O!!!

The Morrisons said...

Adorable! Glad we're not the only ones who do relaxed dinners sometimes. The bed looks great in his room. Owen has officially learned an "E" and "B" but looks like he has a ways to go before catching Oliver. I love that Jack Johnson plays when I click on your blog. He has been one of my favorites since college. We call "Better Together" the Morrison Family Theme Song! Talk to you soon. Oh, Micah has officially had 2 naps in a row, and we are all felling much better!!

Groovy said...

You are so right!!! I loved it in its entirety!! Can't wait to hug Oliver in person!!! He is doing great on his letters and what a great way to incorporate learning with yummy alphabet spagettios!! Love you guys!! What a treat!!!

macy_41 said...

Hey guys,
I am so glad that Oliver is doing so well with his alphabet, he is adorable! It's great to get little clips and pictures here and there of your lives in TN. I can't wait until I can come and see you all in person again. Keep up the good work Oliver - I love you.
With Love, (aunt) Macy