16 August 2008

The other day we took Oliver to the store to buy a new pair of shoes. In the previous week he had managed to loose two pairs of Croc-like shoes we'd bought at consignment sales, and he needed shoes fast.

So, we took him to Target (carried him in with bare feet) in search of a cheap pair of sandals to wear for the remainder of the summer. We had no idea that Oliver would be such an opinionated shopper, but he pretty much rejected every pair of shoes we put on his feet (it probably didn't help that bedtime was quickly approaching).

After several sandals, canvas loafers and "crocs" were declined, he pointed to a pair of green frog galoshes on a top shelf. They were cute, so we let him try them on and he clumsily walked down the aisle and back like a polio patient on tall wooden shoes. We thought we'd had a good laugh and we would keep looking for a sensible pair of shoes.

Oliver felt differently.

We're really not the kind of parents who give in to buying our child something because he'll cry if he doesn't get it. Believe me, Oliver hears "no" plenty. Maybe it was a weak parenting moment, but really, they were just so cute and there weren't any other shoes that we (or he) liked any better. This would give him great joy.

Oliver walked out of Target that evening wearing bright green boots and a grin on his face.

And, they are currently his shoe of choice.

While Oliver watered the (very thirsty) grass,
Bea surveyed the yard with her favorite two fingers in place.

Last Saturday we (Rebecca, Mom & I) made the garage sale circuit in Spring Hill and near the end of the day came across a little treasure. We've been experimenting with different pool/floating accoutrements and a one-piece floating suit caught my eye.

The nice thing about garage sales is that (and we don't make a big habit of this) if you think you may like something but you're not certain, it's a pretty low-risk purchase. I wasn't spending $30, it was only $2.50.

Anyway, as in most things that are new to him, Oliver completely rejected the "floatatard" (as Rebecca fondly refers to it). **let me clarify that the "tard" in "floatatard" comes from "leotard"** And, the best way to change his mind is to let Bea wear it. Sure enough, as soon as Bea did her first dance to "The Girl from Ipanema" in the suit, Oliver was sold and had to have it. He promptly asked for his "fast" shoes to go with it and started running laps around the dining room table in his new uniform.

It's pretty much the funniest-looking thing he's ever worn, but it does do good work in the pool. Here he is in his Red, White and Spandex!


Christine Case said...

I have been admiring those same galoshes in Target for months now, but they are still a little too big for our guys. I'm so glad Oliver could find some shoes that made him happy. And the floatatard! Words escape me. He is such a lucky guy.

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

We have those too! Haley loves them, see: http://erinjphoto.blogspot.com/2008/05/rain-rain.html

holly said...

I think he looks like an all-american ninja turtle! That is a cool contraption.