17 August 2008

Ryan and I are enjoying Oliver's bedtime very much lately. Now that he is in the toddler bed, we can have a bit more of a routine with him. We lay him down with "dewey" (pacifier) and "choo choo" (his best attempt at blanket???) and get him nice and cozy in the bed. Then, we read a few short stories from his toddler Bible from Granddad & Groovy (Ry's parents). I have a feeling that it won't take Oliver nearly as long to read through his Bible as it's taking Mommy and Daddy! After a few stories we pray for our friends and family (and occasionally Scout and Bobby) and kiss goodnight. He loves the routine and hardly ever fights it.

Last night we started getting him snug in his bed and he started saying "Bible! Bible!". It warmed his parents' hearts!

Also, now that he's in his toddler bed, he has the freedom to leave his room whenever he likes (unless we lock it to enforce bedtime). This morning I woke up to a sweet little grin at eye level by my bed. What a lovely way to wake up!

I took a bit of time to get up and out of bed and Oliver didn't want to wait so he led the way into the kitchen. When I finally made my way out of the bedroom I found him sitting at the dining room table reading Parents magazine, pointing out all the babies. Here are a few photos of the scene:

I hope you all had a restful Lord's Day!