17 August 2008

Friends, I have told you before about the Smith family here in Nashville. Angie Smith and I both had baby girls due within days of each other. We both had ultrasounds in January that delivered very grim news. Her Audrey and our Evie both went to heaven on April 7th this year. I have been blessed beyond words as I have followed her blog and walked along side her as we grieve the loss of our baby girls.

Angie's nephew, baby Luke, is the sweet baby I mentioned who passed away unexpectedly ten weeks after his birth back in May.

Angie is a beautiful writer and often puts into words what I could only hope to express. Her post this evening is remarkable. I wish you would read it, if nothing else, to perhaps have a clearer understanding of what I am feeling and feel like I am constantly coming short in expressing.

I especially love when she says, "I don't know why she is gone, but I do know Who had the final say... and because I know Who, I am willfully unconcerned with why."