16 October 2008

Yesterday, our little treasure turned 2 years old! Here are some photos from his birthday:

Waking up from his nap, checking out the decorating we'd been doing outside

I love him as a little cowboy - I think we'll dress him like this for Halloween
(but maybe a little more clothing!)

Beatrice was a cowgirl too!

Oliver's Daddy made cool "2"s and his name on his cakes with nonpareils

Uncle fun-guy doesn't look like he's having very much fun... :)

Grandma came to the party with a big bunch of "b'doons!"
They were a big hit!

And, a few videos:

(We know that Oliver's feeling like a cowboy because he does his wide, cowboy stand)


Susan said...

Looks like y'all had plenty of pardners come and celebrate Oliver's big day! I am so sorry we had to miss all the fun.

Christine Case said...

B & J highly approve of the cowboy getup. They had to clap after each video, particularly after the last one.

Anonymous said...

First, please post more videos. We just can't get enough. This morning Beatrice woke up and came straight into my room saying "Pictures of Oliver?" We need more material. Our very favorite is the last video in the cowboy getup. It makes Bea dance.