10 October 2008

The boys enjoyed chocolate milk after (Oliver's) naptime.

And, and accompanying video:

Last Wednesday morning, Ryan left the house to run and errand, and when he came home,
this is the sight I saw from the top of the stairs:
A new sofa! Ryan had been planning it as a surprise for awhile.
It was a nice thing to make a hard day a little bit easier.
Oliver and I spent some time on the back patio another morning this week. I was trimming the last of the Crepe Myrtle flowers for the summer to put in a vase, and accidentally broke a branch off. What a fun thing to carry around if you're almost two!

And, a "'sicle" for a little boy in a diaper (really, we do put him in full outfits on occasion!)


The Morrisons said...

What a beautiful couch! Great job, Ryan! Did he pick that all by himself or had you been giving hints? We really did love having Oliver last week. Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.

Roger said...

Great pics and NICE sofa!

Roger said...

Do you think O really has grasped the difference between Dad and God? :-) You need to add some major ice cream to that drink....