23 October 2008

This morning, I came upstairs and found Oliver and Ryan at the computer. Ryan had him set up in the chair and I heard him say something to the effect of "Let's watch some saves so you can learn how to be a goalie." And, sure enough, they were watching a YouTube video called "Insane GoalKeeper Saves". And, I guess that's just what you do.

A bit later, it was evidently time to practice what we'd learned. When I re-entered the bonus room, Oliver was taking goal kicks with the new net and ball Auntie and Unca got him for his birthday. Scout was either waiting for her turn or playing the part of Granddad. :) Here's a video of the part I saw:

Our morning progressed as usual. Ryan left to teach his class, Oliver and I read about a hundred books before watching Sesame Street (I'm trying to make a point to outweigh television time with reading time. This keeps me from allowing too much tv, and definitely keeps Oliver spending lots of time on my lap between my arms reading stories).

After reading and Sesame Street, I got a bit of work done on the computer while Oliver dumped out bins of toys both upstairs and down and played with all his favorite sports equipment in a way that I know Ryan would not approve of: hitting soccer balls with a golf club, using a catchers mitt as an oven mitt, and hitting his baseball with a hockey stick.

Then, lunch: Quesadillas (Oliver calls them "dillas") and grapes. Oliver really wanted to sit on the bench rather than in his high chair, so I obliged under the condition that if he couldn't stay seated and eat his meal, he was going to get strapped in.

Here's a video of the tail end of our lunch together:

And that brings us to now. Oliver is in his room for a nap and I get a few moments to myself at the computer. Of course, last I checked on Oliver, he had dumped more bins of toys in his room, was laying in bed with every blanket he owns, a train whistle and a pink toy water pitcher, pretending he was taking a drink. I'm not feeling incredibly optimistic about where this "nap time" is going.

Oh, before I go, I have one other funny thing from yesterday. And, believe it or not, it's about nap time. Ryan had gotten him settled and then returned to the bonus room to rest on the sofa while I checked my email (email checking is an important activity in the Myers home). About five minutes after Ryan left Oliver in his locked bedroom, we heard the pitter patter of little feet in the hallway. Suddenly, the door swung open and Oliver appeared. He did a circle around the room, pausing only briefly to look at me and say in his most delightful, even surprised voice, "Good Morning!" (complete with sign language!). He then made a quick stop at the sofa, smiled at Ryan, knew he was pushing his luck and retreated back to his bedroom. I think it goes without saying that it is virtually impossible to survive a situation like that without bursting into laughter, especially when you know you're supposed to look disapproving. Oh my.

Alright, I'm off now. I'm pretty sure I hear Oliver building a tower with his blocks. That is not on the list of approved nap time activities.



Granddad said...
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Granddad said...

Looks like Granddad is having some difficulty getting eye contact with the GK!! I think if he would move out ahead of the net about 10 yards....first coaching tip...put down the golf club! :-)

Groovy said...

Gotta love that sweet little boy!!!