11 July 2009

Here I am! It's past 9:00, but I am here! And, most importantly, I did find some lovely bargains this morning! Want to see?

$0.50 - Night stand clock from Restoration Hardware (for our newly loved-on guest room - stay tuned for an upcoming before/after post!)
$1.00 - white drum shade, also for the guest room

$0.25 - a handsome 2T Ralph Lauren jacket for you-know-who. He's asleep now, otherwise I'd take a photo. Shucks. I'm sure you'll be seeing it in posts to come!
$0.25 - a great pair of 3T Levi's jeans for fall. They are long and lean and actually have a great hole in the knee. I love them!
$0.25 - Charlotte's Web. It's the old, animated version, which I prefer!

$0.25 - Madeline and the Gypsies. Because Beatrice loves Madi-yine.

$0.25 - A spool of grey thread, a fabric hoop (I've got a vision!) and Presidents of the United Stated flash cards (I loved these when I was little. Nothing like a little flash card flashback!) And, yeah, I got all of it for a quarter. :)

$1.00 - A lovely, floral full sheet set. I'm in the final moments with my kitchen rag rug and I'm fixin' to start another one with a girlfriend next week!

$1.50 - A set of three Johnny Carson videos for my Step-dad. He'll love them!!

$1.00 - big black frame with glass and a white mat. This will go beautifully on my stair wall. (Hm, I will try to remember to share photos of that, one of my favorite parts of our house!)

And, my tuck-and-run find of the day:

Since I have begun selling my cute skirts on Etsy (it's been going quite well, by the way!), I've been in the market for specific supplies, particularly elastic. Just last week I paid $1.29 for 2-3 yards of elastic. Today, I found this box, with approximately 16 yards remaining (marked at $0.89 a yard) for a quarter!!!! Hurrah for buying things on the cheap that you need to buy anyway!

Oh, and since my dear Christine and her family have been visiting us in Tennessee this week, I had the pleasure of her company this morning. Since she is here with me, I want to share her tuck-and-run find of the day as well:

$1.00 - A brand new, 150-piece Lincoln Log set, with the smaller pieces still in the packaging. She didn't even have to bargain on this one, it was actually marked at one dollar. Yay, Christine!

What did you find today? Or, last week for that matter, since I took an Independence Day hiatus from bargain hunting. Link up here for all to see!


mandiegirl said...

I got to out church's sale too late today- they were already closed up, so I went to Goodwill, and tanked there, too! :( Love your sheets!

Sarah said...

The old, I mean better, version of Charlotte's Web has to be your best find of the day. The story's just not the same without the song at the end.

Melanie said...

My mom used to have a set of sheets just like that. I'm sure I slept on them when I was little!

Christine said...

I lurve the lovely Lincoln Logs. Thanks for calling them to my attention!

Also, I might just make it outta here with that drum shade. You watch yourself.

Kristen said...


Amanda said...

Wow, we had similar finds this week! I was on the hunt for the Charlotte's Web book and Madeline book today because I have a huge list of children's books for a class I'm taking in the fall.

Whitney said...

I love the clock & lamp shade. The skirts are gorgeous, if only I had a little girl!

Journeying Five said...

love the clock, way too cute! could be super cute in the guest room. glad etsy is working for you because your skirts are adorable!

Susan said...

I, too, found the old animated version of Charlotte's Web and bought it for .25. I think we're covered. Mom

TriciaT said...

I went out on July 4th but there weren't many sales! Didn't buy a thing on the 4th! However, THIS Saturday was a blast! I got so many great bargains...a white night stand for $4. (for my toddlers big girl room!!) , a red crockpot for $4., 2 brand new, still in the box, toy fire trucks for $1, an almost new weed eater (for my hubby!) works perfectly and it was $12. And my tuck and run item: a practically new Fisher Price Amazing Animals musical Noah's Ark toy w/ 4 jointed animals for $2!!! I looked it up and it is not longer being made by Fisher Price so it is listed as a collectible toy on Amazon.com for $79.95!!!! My little 10 month old LOVES it! Very fun day--I am officially addicted!

Becky said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! My son is almost 10 and has never had Lincoln Logs! He asked for them from a family member for Christmas, but got a chemistry set instead! Poor kid! Since they are $30+, we'll never buy them new!:( I'm still searching though! Thanks for sharing!:)

Christine said...

Great finds! I love that little clock and I think those sheets will be great in a rag rug!

I have started visiting your blog pretty regularly and I love it.

I rarely look at clothing at garage sales and you have motivated me to actually look... there may be a find too good to pass up! Thanks!

chesley said...

I used to have those same sheets! ha, actually i still do. i just use them to cover my furniture in storage now.