11 July 2009

I just posted all about my great garage sale finds a few minutes ago, but I'm moving right along to share a few photos of our visit from the Case family this week/weekend.

Christine (my lovely college roommate) and her husband Steve, plus their three little ones (all two and under, by the way!) have been here visiting with us since Wednesday and will be rolling out early tomorrow morning.

Here are several failed attempts at photographing the children together (did I mention that there were four children age 2 and under in our home this week??). You'll notice the boys wearing coordinating initial t-shirts embellished by the Case Mama herself. They came in very handy when we took them to a nearby church for Super Hero Day to watch the Incredibles.
No eye contact from anyone, but at least everyone is in the shot.
Ooh, I see Baylor's eyes!
They were being markedly uncooperative.
And now, for the most successful shot of the week (even though two of the eight of us are looking distressed):

Come again soon, sweet friends! We love you dearly!


Christine said...

Some day we'll get a photo of all of us looking like a happy crew!

We've had so much fun. We love you guys. And that one guy, whatever he's called.

Anonymous said...

I think it's absolutely hilarious that their initials spell out Job. Too bad you couldn't get them lined up, let alone in order to spell the word. I bet they are a job and a half!

Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

Cute pics!

Becky said...

Ooh! Is that a Ragamuffin skirt I see? Too cute!