05 July 2009

Oliver and Ryan had a conversation this afternoon on the way home from church. To absolutely no one's surprise, it was about construction. 

Oliver (to Ryan, in his biggest, funniest, construction voice): "And, the dump truck said, "Obber, come here! What are you doing?'"

Ryan: "So what did you say to the dump truck?"

Oliver: "No, dump truck! It's not a dumping day! It's the Saddeth."

Repeat conversation 4-5 times, each time inserting a different piece of heavy machinery. 
(For example: "The roller said..." and then, "...it's not a rolling day! It's the Saddeth.")

We take the Sabbath very seriously around here, folks!

Also on the topic of Oliver and construction: this morning he was singing in the shower to the tune of "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof, "Constructiiiioooon, CONSTRUCTION!"


And one more Oliver story, just because I'm the Mama and I love to talk about him. :)

A few days ago I took Oliver to a free kids summer movie at a local church and needed to stop and get some cash somewhere on the way so I could get us a few snacks (they sell $2 Chick-fil-a kids meals with a coupon inside for a free kids meal! Woot!). 

I mentioned to Oliver in passing that we had to make a stop before the movie. Five minutes later we pulled into Target make it happen. As I circled for a parking space he offered an enthusiastic suggestion from the backseat, "Mommy, how about you go into Target to get some cash, and I stay in the van? That's a good idea! Right?"

Um, wrong, but nice try. 

By the way, who are you and what did you do with my little boy who didn't string together 22-word-long thoughts or whole imaginary conversations with heavy machinery, complete with different voices for different characters? 



natalie eve said...

Seriously! I think two year olds are amazing. Just a few months ago I was afraid Nora would never talk. Ha! We went to a wedding this weekend and the girls stayed with my parents. We came to pick them up last night and she told me, "No! I stay Grammie's!" :( A little sad. A little excited to only have to haul one baby back home :)

Tracy said...

too funny. my kids have asked to stay in the car before, too. um...no. :)

Cecilia said...

What a sweetie!

Mama Fish said...

Cute! My son is the same age as yours and he does things like this too. Lately, I've been hearing about Swiper and how he is sitting on the china cabinet, swiping spaghetti and (gasp) trying to swipe my son's potty. 2 1/2 year olds are the best! :)

takemetomaui said...

Hahaha! How precious! It's those little conversations that are priceless!

Life is good! said...

enjoy that little boy! one day I made the mistake of turning around and you know what happened- my children grew up! I hardly saw it coming.


Kameron said...

I know hwat you mean. My boy just turned 2 and it seems that he gets more complete thoughts together every day. I miss the pieces of my baby that are fading in to little boy, but it is fun to watch!

Googies Girl said...

Oliver has to be one of the most precious little boys ever! I'm still laughing at the "make it grow and grow" post from several weeks ago! He's such a riot! And very smart!!

Christine said...

I LOVE the "Construction" to the tune of "Tradition" story. You know FOTR is a favorite of the Case family--we dance as big and boisterously as we can when we throw on that album. Well done, O.

Julia said...

that is beautiful!! I have an etsy shop too! i'd love to feature you on my blog!! perhaps you can offer a free shipping code or something! let me know! it's a beautiful skirt!!

Melissa said...

My son goes to bed every Saturday night and says "ugh tomorrow is Sunday!"... I'm sure if I ever called it the Saddeth he would agree :-)

Michelle said...

Too cute!

Danielle said...

How funny! Kids are so amazing! They think they are all grown up! Oh, to be a kid again...

Also, I nominated you for an award. Your blog is wonderful. I love your faith, as well as your knack to sniff out bargains. I'm a bargain hunter myself!

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