15 February 2010

28 days to go!

Well, 27 1/2 if you want to get technical.

And I do.

We'll be full term on Sunday and boy am I ready!
I realize I could have as many as 6 more weeks left,
so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

But Miss Hazel, we're ready when you are!

(I apologize for the poor photo quality.
I took it in the evening and this was the best I could manage.)


mandiegirl said...

You are just TOO cute! Love that belly, and you make it look great! :)

Mama 2 three said...

You look beautiful!
How did you manage to stay so little everywhere except for the belly? I am expecting our fourth child, and I always tend to gain 60pounds or more with each pregnancy! I am able to lose it once the baby gets here, but I would like to gain less this time around!
I can't wait to see pictures of little miss Hazel!

Ashley said...

You are so cute pregnant!! I love your outfit! I have been following your blog for awhile now and can't wait for your sweet Hazel to arrive! I have a random question...what kind of camera do you use...I'm camera hunting right now! :)

Sunday said...

WOW! Now THAT is what I call a baby belly!
You are too darn cute!
I always looked like a beached whale by the time I hit 36 weeks

Raechel said...

Ashley - Thanks! I use a Canon Rebel Xsi and usually shoot with their basic wide angle lens. However, I dropped that lens on my kitchen floor last week, so I'm currently shooting with a borrowed 55m 1.8 fixed prime lens (and LOVING it!)

Mama2Three: Thanks to you too! I have NO idea - it's none of my doing, I think it's just how God made me to carry babies! I'm up about 32 pounds right now and with Oliver I got up to 40 by the end. I may not get huge elsewhere, but my belly gets ENORMOUS and usually by 30 weeks or so folks start asking if I'm full term :)

SarahMerritt said...

Loving that big beautiful belly!

4cunninghams said...

You are so cute pregnant!

keight dukes said...

AMAZING outfit. cannot even believe the suteness you are mustering at 36 flippin weeks. i had about 3 shirts that simply rotated by the end and none of them were close to this adorable. your camera strap even matches. thanks for being all around (pun) awesome!

Jen said...

I agree, you're simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! I am so happy that you are so close to meeting your daughter. Love, Light and Prayers to you...I cry whenever I read your blog.


Anonymous said...

Aw, how exciting!

Your camera strap matches your outfit! :D (I think?)

Emily Jean said...

Round and lovely! I miss mine!

Finger's crossed she wants out ASAP! :)

sophieh said...


You look great. Love your outfit and the beautiful bright colors you are wearing.

Get technical all you want. Once the last month is here, we just want our sweet little babes in our arms.
The countdown to Hazel is on!

Chantelle said...

Thats a big belly!! :)

looks great, and hopefully she doesn't wait 6 weeks!

melanie said...

You are beautiful. I can only hope to look so amazing when my time comes.
Reading through your experiences...especially these recent posts...has been an inspiration for me. I appreciate learning from you. You are truly a woman of God and such a fabulous wife and mommy.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You look wonderful!
I can't wait to hear your baby news!

Nicole said...

You look fabulous! Can't wait to see photos of your darling new babe when she arrives :)

keight dukes said...

i just also noticed that your outfit matches the changing table cover as well as the camera strap...adorbs!