06 June 2009

So, you may remember from this post a few weeks ago that I am an avid garage saler. You could call it my hobby. You could call it my way of being earth-friendly by reusing old things. Or, you could just say it's my way of chipping in to provide for my family all sorts of neat things that we'd never dream of buying at full price.

Any way you slice it, I love to spend my Saturday mornings on other people's lawns. And, this Saturday was no different. (Okay, well, it was a little different. Since it's our anniversary weekend Oliver has taken up residence at his Auntie's for a few days. This means that my usual garage sale partners have been replaced by my dear and loving husband. A fun switcharoo - I think he enjoyed himself!)

Since you all seemed to enjoy the run down of my haul last time, I'm so glad to present to you this morning my weekly report:

  • $.25 - "Madeline Loves Animals", for my sweet Beatrice because she loves "Maddy-yine".
  • $.50 - a pair of sweatpants to make me happy (and, if they can replace my current, raggedy pair, it will make my husband happy as well!)
  • $7 - 3 pair of great pants in great shape for Ryan. Since he was with me they let him try them on and they are definite winners! Hurray for beating the system!
  • $2 - Red espadrilles. Because they're necessary. Or, maybe just a fun thing to have around.
  • Free - a race car driving helmet for Oliver. We picked it up and commented that Oliver would love it and the woman begged us to take it. I understand that woman's sentiment on many toys in our own house. I'm sure I'll be begging some unsuspecting stranger to take this from me next yard sale we hold. Until then, Oliver is going to be thrilled when he comes home from his weekend away!
  • $1 - a cream, king fitted sheet. "Why?" you ask. Stay tuned (hopefully this week) and it may all become more clear.
  • $1.50 - my "tuck-and-run" prize of the day. A brand new pair of gorgeous Pumas for my wearing pleasure. Hurrah!!
That brings our grand total 3 new pairs of paints, 2 pairs of shoes, a book, a sheet, a helmet and a pair of sweatpants (not to mention a really fun morning out with my husband!) to $12.25.


Happy hunting, friends!

(I would love to hear if any of you all are finding great things in your respective necks of the woods as well!? Any great bargains? Would anyone be game for me to put up a Mr. Linky next Saturday morning so we can all celebrate together our great fortune?)


Anonymous said...

Hey Raechel! Were shopping over in DTF near Merridees this morning? Because I thought I saw you. I was hoping I would find out what you'd bought. And I actually have those cute red shoes. They're wonderful!
Love you!

Christine said...

I went sale-ing this morning and got a great white ceiling fan for Char's room ($4, plus a free garbage can it came in), two shirts for me (.50 apiece), a juicer (.50), a coloring book (.25), several pairs of play shorts for the boys ($2 total), a 3-piece outfit for Charlotte ($2), cloth swim diapers (.50), a Janie and Jack (!!) romper (.50!!)...and I think that's it. One lady wouldn't sell me a 3-candle chandelier for any less than $15 because "It's a Lennox. And I can just eBay it later." Geez, lady. Then get it off your lawn. I could be rude and say that, because I know her and her lazy self, I suspect the chandelier will never get eBayed and will instead stay in her basement forever and she will rue the day she turned down a willing buyer, but I won't.

Oh, wait, I just did? Passive-aggressively? Whoops.

ps: Love your finds! I'm jealous of the Pumas. My Nikes are giving out. If you ever see any in size 9, snag them for me and I'll wire you the funds. (We don't have many Puma-heavy neighborhoods around here.)

TriciaT said...

I would love to share what I find on Saturdays! I sometimes go on Friday mornings and Saturday mornings! Would be fun to see what kind of treasures we all find!

mscourtney:) said...

Hey there! I found your blog through B's blog. I noticed you were from Tennessee and so am I!! :)

Anyways, I am a little obsessed with garage sales too. They are sooo much fun. I teach elementary school, so it's amazing what I can find for my classroom. Have you ever been to Hendersonville? It seems like every sale I go to has great kid stuff!

P.S. Please keep us updated on sweet April! I can't quit thinking about them and am continuing to pray.

Kaira said...

Awesome finds - you do tend to score good deals! Those shoes and pants - wow.


RaisingOlives said...

Hey, I'm another Tennessean. I've been thinking about posting about yard sale finds. That might be fun. I always find terrific bargains and am able to clothe our family of 11 for $25 a month. Yard sales are the best place to find just about everything.


Hannah said...

you've motivated me! I went Saturday and spent $12 I had some good finds.. but I need to be better at talking people down on the prices! I'm up for a mr linky!

chasenfate said...

I have been a big fan of yard sales since my daughter was born over 12 yrs ago. As a matter of fact her first official portrait was made in a Christian Dior dress that I paid $3 for at a yard sale that still had the tags on it for $68! I bought all of her clothes there and still buy her a few things from time to time. I furnished my new house over the past year with yard sale finds. My sister and I hit them together or my best friend and I. Its almost a contest to see who can get the most for the least amount of money!!! I also love your crayon idea!!!

Sandy Hop said...

I love the "tuck and run" analogy! Up in Michigan, I haven't found many garage sales with good things that aren't overpriced! It's also hard with two little ones and no husband in tow to help! (he's usually working on Sat. mornings). Great finds, though!!!

From The Outside In said...

What! $1.50 for the shoes? Tell me I didn't read that right! Can I come live where you live please?

4 Lettre Words said...

Fantastic finds! I love, love, love g-sale-ing on a nice Saturday morning just about as much as anything.

Your blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love love love stoop-sale-ing as we call it here in brooklyn :) we have a great weekend flea mkt too but the deals are more scarce there. I scored a great wooden armchair with a light-green suede seatcover for $5 last weekend :). btw, prayers for you in the current drama/stress in your life. i'm so very sorry. it must really really hurt. 'nuff said.

Sarah said...

Oh! I'm so excited for you! I love garage sales and finding awesome deals. This post was so fun to read!

My Baker Boys said...

Oh my gosh, I am TOTALLY addicted to yard sales and especially consignment sales! Aren't they just the best?? I'm at your site for the first time having come over from MckMama's and rather than dwell on any sadness let me just congratulate you on your great finds! The racing helmet alone would have made my (I mean my son's) day!

I actually did a whole post on consignment madness myself a while back! Those are my favorites by far!

All best wishes,


natalie eve said...

This is my first time to your blog (via MckMama) and this is the first post I happened to read. I've never used Mr. Linky but totally would for this particular type of game. I too LOVE me some garage sales (in fact that was one of my post names this month!)I too have a baby in heaven. I too have been saved by grace through faith. I think we could become fast bloggy friends. :)

Misty Rice said...

I have not been to a garage sale in many years...I think you just put an itch in me and I am going to have to scratch it. Hmmm.. how do you find garage sales in your area? I need to start there. Any tips?

Erin said...

i love garage sales! Cant wait to find a bunch this weekend!! Looks like you found great deals!

Nadia said...

I know I'm coming into this late, but I just found you, via another blog etc!

anyhow, I'm in canada and we love yard sales SOO much! last weekend we spent 18.00...we got 8 brand new colouring books, a HUGE stack of brand new little golden books, (probably 20-30 of them) a brand new pair of runners in kids size 2.5 (for a couple years down the road LOL) a new pizza stone, a new wine opener for a gift, a new never blown up soccer ball,a couple new kids workbooks, and 2 almost full packs of pullups, and 5-6 NEW free stuffies...then on the way home a truck lost a Huge bag of popcans on the road so we picked it up and cashed it in for 25.00 5 minutes down the road..that's what I call a God send! (most of the new things we buy for our shoe boxes at christmas!)

rachelizabeth said...

found your bloig from mckmama - just want to say that those red espadrilles are SO NECESSARY!!!

Librarian or Teacher said...

I just found your blog and I love it!
I can't believe how many amazing things you find at these garage sales!
Makes me want to never shop in a store again but go garage sale shopping on Saturdays. :)
Will definitely be back to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

You did fab. I love the way God provides through yardsales!
It's one of my favorite things too!
I would love to do a Mr. Linky! :)
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Angela said...

yahoooo..fanastic...One of the ladies from my first video I did said she laughed every time I said..The Gap, The Gap..American Eagle. I feel like a Proverbs 31 Woman when I'm yard saling...I praise God for these treasures that I can bring to my home and the money I am saving our family....