01 June 2009

Two posts in one day! Look at me go! I feel like I need to make up for all these weeks in a row with so few posts, so here's me trying.

One of the ways we foster our covenant community at our little church is by having what we call "home fellowship groups". Most of the groups have organically organized themselves based on geography. For example, there are several families in our church that live in our subdivision or the surrounding area. So, we've decided to form a home fellowship group based on those families.

There are lots of young families in our group and our goal is to know what's going on in one another's lives, to pray for each other, and to take care of one another. We don't do a Bible study or anything like that, we are just a community, and every other week we spend a Sunday evening all together and hang out and stay close.

I know, this isn't really "blogging material" so far, but I just wanted to give some background so you could understand where I'm headed.

Last night we all got together in the common area of our neighborhood and held a "Khaki and White Day". The goal is to all dress in our polo (that's with a lowercase "p"), preppy best and play croquet and eat picnicky sandwiches and such.

If you know the Myers family at all, you know that this is right up our alley. We love to dress up and we had a great vision of all the handsome photo opportunities our evening would present. One of us laughing heartily with a croquet mallet casually slung over our shoulder. Stately animals laying at our feet while the wind blew through our hair. You get the picture.

So much for expectations.

When we arrived at 5:30 it was still nearly 90 degrees and we were miserably hot and desperate for shade. We managed to snap one photo before we had to strip Oliver down lest her ruin his white shirt with watermelon and dirt. (I honestly wished I could do the same, but that's not really HFG approved.) :)

We also realized that no one had thought to bring blankets or silverware so there we several runs back to our various houses for supplies.

And, turns out moms and dads can't both play croquet at the same time, as there would be no one keeping an eye on the children.

We think a lot of things through in our lives, but we really dropped the ball on this one.

Here is our one decent shot.
Less than an hour into our little party I'd given up my visions of handsome photos of croquet, khaki and white and let Oliver take some bulldozers under the pine trees with his friend Owen.

So, it was nothing like we'd envisioned, but it turned out to be a lot more fun that way. The photos aren't impressive, but the memories of the evening are. Who needs to be fancy and play fancy games anyway? (Well, I still like to - at least every once in a while...) We all ended up shedding all our khaki and white by the end of the night in exchange for bathing suits and a nice, cool dip in the pool. (Oliver certainly needed it if for nothing else but to get all the sticky dirt off of his little body.) Ah, summer.


This photo is also from last night, but I'm posting it because of something completely unrelated. Have/do any of you ever watched Real World or Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV? I haven't for years, but I did back in my college days. (I am not recommending it, for the record.) You see the guy and girl in the photo on the playground? I just noticed when I loaded these on my computer that they were in it. The guy is MJ from Real World (Philadelphia, I think) and his wife is Mandy (she was one of the Mary Anne's in "The Real Gilligan's Island). The live a few streets over from us with their daughter who is about Oliver's age. Anyway, just thought you'd enjoy a little "celebrity" sighting since the rest of the post was perhaps a bit mediocre.
Happy June, friends!


The Morrisons said...

I thought the post was great-especially the bulldozer in the bushes. Those boys crack me up. I love your new photos on the side bar by the way! Hope to see you tomorrow; Micah woke up talking about Oliver's pool on Tuesday!

Grandma~rella said...

Oh my goodness! Your hubby looks so much like my son I had to do double and triple takes! LOL! I've sure enjoyed reading your sweet blogs today :) What a truly sweet, sweet family you are! (((HUGS)))

Christine said...

Can we just take a moment and appreciate the fact that it has already gotten up to 90 DEGREES in your neck of the woods? I mean, you'd think I'd remember these things, after summers in Mississippi and all, but the truth is, once you're up north for a season, you get spoiled by gentle summers. And just reading this and seeing you in your long sleeves and pants makes me sweat. I sweat with empathy.

I'm just glad there was a pool. Sweet Jesus, thank you for the pool.

Amanda said...

Shut up!!! Totally thought MJ was the best on that show... he wanted to win fro his family, not for a weekend in Vegas or something...

How neat!

God bless-

natalie eve said...

Came back today to read a little more. LOVE this post!!! We seem like we are a lot alike. (I always think of how great all the pics I'm gonna take at various events will be - and, yeah right, they are rarely as great as in my head. And I do have a little love for celebrity! And my hubs is all about getting dressed up!
) I love how God created this new techy way to get to know other sisters in Christ.