14 January 2010

**Update - I just checked the shop and now there are only two left! I'll try to get some more up tomorrow. Fun!

I've been busy the past couple of days in my sewing room. (I honestly think Hazel recognizes the hum of the sewing machine because literally every time I sit down to stitch she starts to do these big, happy rolls).

Have I mentioned that I love her?

Anyway, after I made that little ruffle bum onesie last week I've been receiving requests for more! Some of y'all have asked me to make and sell things I make. And while for some things (such as items made from not-for-commercial-use tutorials or things that just take a LOT of work) I have had to decline, this is something I've found I really like to do. And so, I'm saying YES!!

I've spent the last week honing my skills a bit - learning how to make things really great - and having a great time with color and fabric combinations. Now I have a big stack of adorable onesies that are available to y'all if you're interested. (And, honestly, if you're not - it's cool. I wouldn't hate it if I had to keep them all for myself!) ;)

So, if you're interested, my Etsy shop is no longer bare (as it has been for the past several months)!! Go take a look and see if there's anything you like. I priced things lower than comparable shirts are going for because I like y'all. Oh, and all proceeds go toward me feathering my little Hazel Wren's nest. Nothing terribly noble - just doing what a mama loves to do!

Also, none of the shirts currently come with ruffles on the bottoms. If you want me to add them, just convo me ("convo" is Etsy slang for "initiate an online Etsy conversation with me") and for an additional fee I'll smack some ruffles on there!

And now, I'll leave you with a few shots of my little works of art!


Chelsa said...

i love the turtle one... but it's still going to be too cold in indiana when mr. C is in a 0-3 mo. short sleeve.

sarah jewett clarke said...

LOVE these. i just bought the tree and bird ones for my brand new niece.

first time i've commented, but i think you are lovely and i love your craftiness. :)

Erin said...

oh i think I love you but I hate that I dont know if we are having a boy or girl!! ha ha!

Ohtobebeautiful said...

I don't know what I am having yet either! haha Maybe you will have some more in a few months? ;)

Journeying Five said...

so sweet! glad to hear baby is doing well.

Patti said...

These are so gorgeous. It's ice to hear the updates on you and your sweet babe.

Melissa said...

I love these. Do you sketch the appliques? That's a real talent! I can't draw to save my life :-)

When you were talking about "not for profit" tutorials, I hope you weren't talking about my patchwork skirt tutorial. I did that one for Moda Bake Shop, and I'm not sure what their "rules" are, but I DO NOT care at all if you make them to sell. When I put the disclaimer on my blog it was more because someone was selling the tutorial. (the tutorial, not the made item!)... so it is a way to protect myself from people turning the tutorials into patterns, then selling the patterns.
Like I said, I really don't mind if you sell the patchwork skirts...
and if that's not one of the tutorials you were talking about.. then... boy do I feel silly!

I hope Hazel makes her safe arrival right on time. We lost a baby at 17 weeks then had twins, quite a mixture of emotions going on all at once.

Best of luck. Love the blog.

MJ said...

Love the turtle! Too cute!

Would you do an applique tutorial for us? I'd love to make shirts for each of the kids with their initials, but I worry that the applique will fray or pull off!