25 January 2010

...but my camera cord is.

I feel like my right arm is cut off. I just can't bring myself to post without photos for some reason.

It's been lost for 4 days.

Tomorrow I'll be holding an all-out man hunt.

Well, camera cord hunt.

I'm going to find you, little cord. And when I do, I'm going to put you to work.

And you look out too, little blog. When I find that doggone cord I'm going to put you to work as well.

Everybody just look out.

Well, not you guys. Just, you know, my inanimate belongings.

In the meantime, keep calm and carry on, friends! I'll be back in action soon!

Provided I have a successful hunt.

If not, beware the wrath of the emotionally unstable pregnant woman. :)


shanemotb said...

Lost mine too... The manhunt proved unsuccessful. My husband bought me a tiny little card reader that plugs into the usb port for $15... Best money he ever spent! Ours is a "Dynex" brand bought at Target. Good luck with the search, but if you are unsuccessful, know you have options! :)

Brittanie said...

Good luck! My husband has a mini usb card reader that is always connected to the computer and I just slip the memory card in when I want to transfer pictures. We got it because we lost our camera cord. >_< Hope ou find it!

Jami said...

I spent the past week looking for the 1/4 cup measuring cup I let my daughter play with. I scoured the entire house and every nook and cranny only to find out I must have accidentally thrown it in the wrong drawer in the kitchen. So frustrating! ;) Good luck!

House of Collinsworth said...

What is it about that little cord? Mine goes missing all the time. I swear the things has legs!!!!

Chelsa said...

i lost mine last year (accidentally threw it away w/ christmas wrapping paper mess)... i googled it and got one really cheap (like 6 dollars?) online. it works perfect.

Christine said...

Hope you find it! We've "lost" ours a few times as well, only to find it hiding out in a closet or a couch, like it just needed a vacation.

And I see you've put the word verification back up. Spambots trying to sell you Viagra, too?

Susan Graham said...

ohhh! want to be emotionally unstable and pregnant together today?! that sounds like fun! If you don't find it, from one photo junkie to the next, you may want to invest in a multicard reader. You can get them for around $10.00 online and it saves all that bending over, looking for stuff! :) good luck!

Dee said...

Wow I hate losing those little cords! I hope that you find it too. My laptop has a card reader now so I feel saved from keeping track of my cords. I've stuck them all in a drawer with tags on them as labels.

Hope you find it soon!!!

chesley said...

i was just going to say what everyone else has..girl, get you a card reader :-)!