09 June 2010

How long do you think I can get away with just posting photos?


Hopefully long enough for me to teach this kid to swim!


We're busy summering these days! Getting the hang of being the Mommy of two, loving the pool, walking lots and even getting to spend some time in my sewing room!

What are y'all up to these days??


Chelsa said...

love hazel's outfit!

and swimming! it's the best :)

and being a momma of two- that's even better than the best :)

Hilary said...

Glad that you are enjoying the Summer! The pictures are great...they are both growing like crazy and too cute!! :)

Dusty Whiskers said...

I'm thinking you can get away with it for quite a while since they're so stinkin' cute!

Erin said...

she is too cute! Hope swimming lessons are going well!