06 December 2010

Remember a couple of weeks ago when my adorably stubborn, mind-of-her-own daughter teased you all with only the back side of this darling little lamb hat?


Mmm. I just want to kiss her cute little back of neck and num num num on those squishy thighs. Pardon me, I'll be right back...

Okay, refocused.

Anyway, remember that?

Well, she's finally cooperated just enough to show a bit more of this delicious hat that I have the privilege of sharing with you today.

I'm pretty sure there was an audible gasp the first time I found it on Etsy while searching for cute winter hats for Haze.

But then it came. And then I held it in my hands. And then I put the fluffy little ear hat on Hazel's head. And then - and I'm pretty sure on this one - the angels rejoiced.

Okay, maybe that last part was a bit of a stretch. But I rejoiced probably more than my husband would have felt was necessary.

So. You can imagine my delight when Cathy from Sweet Pea Toad Tots agreed to give one away to one of you!


So, here's what's happening:

1. Sweet Pea Toad Tots is giving away this pretty little number to a random one of y'all.

(the hat, not the baby)

2. The giveaway begins today and ends Wednesday, December 8th.
3. Go check out their Etsy shop.
4. Swoon.
5. Come back here and tell what hat you like best, AND what gift you're most excited to give this year.
6. These rules are important.
7. Only leave one comment. If you mess up, delete your old comment.
8. Leave your email address. It's a bummer not to get to claim your prize.
9. Go kiss someone you love!

Happy Monday!


Heather Allen said...

YAY! This hat is adorable and most definitely my favorite from her site! I can not wait to give my son his jumparoo...he is 4 months old and very wiggly!

Danielle said...

Oh I just love the lion hat! So cute with chubby cheeks! The gift im most excited about it either a blanket we are giving the inlaws with my kids pictures on it or we got all 3 of our kids Ipod touches! Everytime they ask to play dads we get so excited that soon they will have their own!! Hope you have a great holiday!

Sarah Robbins said...

Okay, how sweet is the little newborn cocoon and hat?! Adorable!! I am excited to give our friends a date night out with movie passes and a restaurant gift card.

Heather said...

I really love the grey lamb hat pictured. Also love the lamb for her with the little pink flower. Adorable!

Both of my girls are getting American Girl dolls (Elizabeth & Bitty Twin), so I am very excited to see their faces with that one! We are also surprising my Mom with a Kindle, so that should be great. Thanks!

sweetpeasandsassafras at yahoo dot com

Erin said...

love the little lamb for her with the flower on the side! Super super cute! Would also make a great photogtraphy prop!

I am excited to give 3 gifts this year. Alex has been asking for a skateboard! We got her one and I can't wait to see her face light up! I also had a doll made for avin on Etsy and I love love it can't wait to give it to her. I also am excited to give my mother in law some nice steak knives from crate and barrell! She needs them bad :)

Hope I win! Love this!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, That is a precious hat! Perfect from my 8 month old. :) I love the Little Fox the best on her site.
I am most excited to give my children their presents (they don't have too many). But just to see the joy and the love on their faces Christmas morning is wonderful!
brandesfam at me dot com

rachel e. said...

I love the little lamb hat! As for my favorite gift to give. I already gave our nephews their gifts and they loved them! Nothing like the Fisher Price little people farm set to teeth on :-)

Kristen said...

The lion hat is adorable! I'm excited to give my daughter her play house.


Sara said...

I LOVE the adult size Lamb Hat- and I would totally wear it :)

In my family, we draw names. This year I have my cousin-in-law, whom I adore. She just had a baby, so I've hired a cleaning service to come to her house once a month for the next six months. I can't wait to give it to her :)

Janet said...

The cat in the hat is too cute! and I love the c.owls. I am so excited to give my daughter her first (she's only two) madame alexander baby doll and a new doll stroller.


Mr. Nordmann said...

I love the gray lamb hat. I have a little guy who would rock that hat like nobody's business. I am most excited to give my parents (who get mad when we give them a gift) a LCD TV from the grandkids. My parents are getting old and deserve to watch Survivor in HD.

Bethany said...

I love the little lamb hat. So cute.

The gift I'm most excited to give is probably boring (okay, REALLY boring) to most anyone...but my husband really likes the pillows that Hilton/Hampton Inn use. They are awesome and help him have a good night sleep when he travels. He had a motorcycle wreck and shattered his arm....and 6 years later he still has trouble sleeping, but for some reason these pillows help. ANYHOW, I'm getting him 2 of these pillows for Christmas and even though we agreed not to spend $ on each other this year...I've been sewing and selling crayon rolls to raise the $ for them...so he has no idea! :)

bethanyherrington (at) me (dot) com

Georgia said...

I like the lamb hat in 6-12 months.
And...we don't exactly have any presents yet, so I don't know what I'm most excited to give. Oops. I'll get right on that!

Seagers said...

I just love the Strawberry Shortcake hat! It is precious. My favorite gift that we are giving this year is to my dad. He takes wonderful care of my littles the two days a week that I work. He asked for a wheelbarrow, so he is getting it. I think we will decorate it and push the kids in it into their house on Christmas morning! So fun!


Meghan said...

I love the buddy hat- so sweet. Really all of them are sweet! I am most excited to give our daughter a pet- hampster! She is going to flip.

Crystal said...

I love the gray hat with the pink flower! The lion one is adorable too!

The gifts I am most excited about giving this year are the photobooks of my children I made for the Grandparents.

Happy holidays!


CrysRich said...

It was hard to choose a favorite, but I LOVE the Strawberry Shortcake Hat! Adorable!

My favorite gift we are giving this year is a personalized calendar with some of my favorite photos of recent years.

AND I just kissed my daughter for rule #9!


Nicole said...

I am totally in love with the FOX hat! Too die for!
Theere are two gifts I'm most excited to give! The first is to our 3 little girls; they've recently discovered Barbies.We got them the entire Glam House , furniture , etc, collection ( to share of course!)! And the second is to our sweet little new guy! He's a 5 month old, blessing from GOD, and we got him a Glo Worm. Our others all had them and loved them. I'm hoping he will too!


Anonymous said...

Love the Little Lamb hat for her in cream. Too cute.
I am excited to give a laugh and learn puppy to my daughter. Its her first Christmas and our first Christmas with a little girl. She went nuts over this dog in the store so I'm excited even though I know she will love the wrapping more than anything!
~Brandy Grisham~

jmh said...

The hat at stake is by far my favorite from the site!
Pick me! Pick me! :)
Thanks for the opportunity, Raechel! You are always so sweet with your words & pictures of your children -I can feel the love you have for them from here;)
Julie B.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! How ADORABLE!!! I'm in love with the lion hat! I am most excited about giving all of the homemade gifts that I fashioned this year! They may not be much, but they were all made with love with the receipent in mind!

Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

Be Blessed,


the single mama said...

Her shop is too cute. I love the cat in the hat hat. It's the theme of my sons first birthday. he's 9 months old and I can't wait to give him ANY present!!! Although, he's mainly going to want the paper. ;)


Kate said...

Ok, my favorite hat is the lamb hat...all of the colors are adorable. I would love to find the pattern for it so I could make my own if I don't win!

The gift I'm most excited to give this year will come a little after Christmas...I am due at the end of May and it will be our first child and my parents first grandchild. No better gift than that!

My email is katedfoster@yahoo.com...just in case I do win. ;)

Bethany said...

My favorite hat is the red and white striped one...reminds me of Cat and the Hat of course! I love the bow tie that goes with it :) I have a friend who LOVES Dr. Seuss so when she has another baby, this would be the perfect little gift for her and her wee one!

The gift I'm most excited to give this year is a CD of Tinkerbell songs from one of the recent Disney movies. I'm giving it to my daughters because they LOVE to sing and know every word to the songs in most of their movies, especially the ones about Tinkerbell. I can just see them now singing and dancing around in their dress up tutus. It wasn't the most expensive gift I've bought, but will probably be their favorite for sure :)

Email address is Bethany.vitt@gmail.com or Bethany730@aol.com!

jerry and megan. said...

I love the fox hat! Soo....cute and creative! The gift I am most excited to give this year isn't officially a 'gift', but my husband and I are expecting our first (a little guy) baby around New Years, so I can't wait to give my husband the gift of fatherhood-he will be so great at it!!
I love your blog, Raechel-it encourages my faith, entertains me regularly and challenges me to be the best mom I can be (when the time comes!)


Mrs. Granberry said...

I love the lion hat the most and I wish my head (or my four year old's head) were smaller!


Shannon said...

It's hard to choose but I love the Strawberry Shortcake Hat, so adorable.

I am most excited to give my gifts to my 2 year old niece, they are nothing special just a few little toys, but she is just starting to understand Christmas, and will be so excited for everything she opens. I can’t wait to see her little face on Christmas.

-Shannon (shamulu@gmail.com)

Amber said...

what a great giveaway! Thanks! My favorite is the little lamb hat for her. I would give it to my dear friend who just had a baby girl. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, so I am not sure what I am excited to give, since I don't know what I'm buying yet! My daughter really wants a remote control helicopter or a scooter, so I would be excited to give her either of those.

Amber (amber.peters@gmail.com)

LStewart said...

The Red & White Strip Hat with Bow is just too dang cute! But also on a more practical side I love the Hey Dude hat.
The gift I'm most excited to give the Christmas is my grandson's Radio Flyer Big Flyer. He will be so surprised.

Cassandra said...

I love the lamb hat in Ivory for my 6.5 month old baby girl! I think the reversible beret is adorable too!

I am thrilled about all my gifts this year for Christmas since it is my first baby's first Christmas. We got her the Fisher Price Learning Kitchen that I know she will LOVE so I am excited for the entire day!

cassandracriswell (at) att(dot)net

hoosiermeema said...

First things first: glasshouse1975@att.net
I love the Little Fox hat.
I am looking forward to making and giving a colorful sock monkey to my great nephew. Hopefully he will like it. Who can ever tell with little kids?? ha

Kate said...

The little lamb for her hat is adorable. I am looking forward to giving my daughter her first Christmas presents ever.
k8ty_bj at hotmail.com

Jessica said...

I love love love the strawberry shortcake hat! My daughter would love it!

I can't wait to see my 2 year old open all her gifts. It will be so fun this year since she actually understands what is going on!


becca said...

I LOVE the reversible beret, so CUTE! Reminds me of the little beret you have on Hazel in the parade post - where did you get THAT hat? SO CUTE!

I'm so excited to give my 3 year old son a playset kitchen! I think he's going to love "making coffee" for me each morning. :)



Kristen Lea said...

I must say, the white lamb would look darling on baby Merki for his/her first winter.
I am excited to give A and S one last Christmas celebration and show them the love of family.

A. said...

I absolutely love the little chef hat! Very, very cute!
As for the present I'm most looking forward to giving? That would definitely be the burp cloths I ordered from you!

Oh and in case I win:


Molly said...

I really love the little lamb for her hats with the cute little flower! My husband and I are adopting right now and hope to be home with our kiddos by Christmas, so I am most excited to give the gift of a niece and a nephew to our siblings, and a grandson and granddaughter to our parents!


Betsy said...

Can I say it is a tie between the adorable ecru lamb hat and the sassy little fox hat? How can you choose?! I am very excited to give my homemade fig and orange jam away to a few lucky relatives! I am also due right after Christmas and definitely looking forward ti giving my family and my husband our first baby :)

Misty said...

That chef's hat is SUPER CUTE. It makes me laugh just looking at it.

This year my 2 yr old is getting a Thomas train table. I cannot wait until he sees it. It will probably be the LAST time we see him bc he will never come out of room again after getting it.

Misty R.

mamakass said...

Such a sweet hat! My poor newborn babe has no winter hats that fit her... and I'd love a cute one to fill the void!
I can't wait to see my husband open the gift I got him as a surprise. He has no idea what's coming and I love it!
kassia dot ann at gmail dot com

Lauren said...

I LOVE the lion hat! We are naming our sweet baby girl due April 6th Aria (which means lion in hewbrew). My husband would flip over that hat!

I am pretty excited for my dad's gift. We are replacing his worn out stair treads. I love giving gifts that have value and doing something with your hands!

The Mouchettes said...

Love the Little Lamb for Her in organic cotton! I'm excited to give my girl her Laugh and Learn Table--I think she's going to love it!


Anonymous said...

I love the hat Hazel is wearing and also love it in the cream organic cotton. My favorite gift I am giving is a new laptop to my husband, he has also had a used computer, and really deserves something new :)

Merry Christmas!


Jen said...

i LOVE the little lamb hat. my sweet 8 month old adelyn would be super cute in it!!!

i am looking forward to giving my husband an amazing calligraphy set i ordered for him. he's so hard to buy for and i think he's gonna love it. :)


pinkflipflops said...

I love Hazel's hat and the Buddy' hats. I am excited to give my grandpa the family calendar I made for him.

pinkflipflops44 at gmail dot com

Nathan said...

I like the chefs hat, especially when the baby is hanging out in a pot.
I'm looking forward to giving my wife tickets to Wicked!

Kimberly said...

I love the lion hat! It would look darling on my soon-to-be six-month-old son. I'm really looking forwad to giving our two-year-old boy a digger (not the real thing)....he is obsessed with them these days!


Jennifer H said...

The lion hat is TOO funny! I don't know who I'd get one for - my 16 mo old or ME!


Susan said...

These hats are all sooo cute! Maybe it has something to do with the model, but I really like the one Hazel is wearing :)

I'm most excited to give my bro-in-law a wine of the month membership. He's always hard to shop for, but I think he'll like this!

susanboat AT yahoo (dot) com

Marcella said...

favorite hat: Strawberry shortcake!
Gift most excited to give:
My 5 month old nephew- a babiews first christmas ornament!
I love to give babies special ornaments their 1st Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

The Buchanan Family said...

Favorite Hat:Strawberry Shortcake. She was a favorite doll of mine as a lil girl.
McWane Center passes for family of 4-my brothers to be exact. Its the gift that will give ALL year long since its a years pass for free (for them)!

The Tranthams said...

I am loving the "hey dude" and lamb hat! Either would look adorable on my twin boys! I am really excited to give each of our family members a gift this year. Each is small and meaningful! We have scaled back to remember the true meaning of the season - the birth of Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas!


Vanessa said...

I love the lion hat! Its hard to find cute hats for boys and I love that one!

Melanie said...

oh gosh the newborn cocoons are to die for (ok thats the photographer in me...)

I also love the cat in the hat looking hat w/ the bow tie, hehe so cute!

This year the gift I'm looking forward to giving most is my MIL's large print of the 3 grandbabies together. There are no pictures of them all together (because one is just now joining the family, my BIL is marrying her mom.) My MIL is going to be over the moon excited and I can't wait!


Kristi said...

I love the chunky wool hat In olive, so beautiful!!
The gift I am most excited about giving isn't really a gift,we are traveling home to see family this year that we have not
Seen in a while. I am excited for everyone to get to see my
Baby girl!! Her grandparents would agree, better than any gift one can buy!!!


aves_is_our_faves said...

LOVE the fox hat! So cute.
Excited to give a toy camera to our little toddler since she's always grabbing our nice camera to play with :)


Kameron said...

OMGoodness, I love that little gray lamb hat!The gift I am most excited to give is some handmade (by me) baby items to 2 of my friends who just had babies this week!(my email is linked to me so you can just reply!)

Anonymous said...

I Love the lamb hat too!

The gift I am most excited about giving is an overnight away with my children. They will be so excited to see their bags packed and ready to go!


Wendy said...

Not sure if anyone responded to this or not but Diddy didn't change his name....Diddy-Dirty Money is the name of his new group (him and 2 women). So, he is still Sean, I mean Puff Daddy, oops, I mean P. Diddy...oh yeah, just plain ol' Diddy.

I like the "Cat in the Hat" hat. I liked giving a digital camera and DS games to a mom (Holly McRae) who is organizing gift donations for specific families who have children with cancer. She is taking on this huge task, even though her own daughter, Kate, is also fighting brain cancer. Powerful stuff!


Megan said...

I love the hat, it's adorable! I'm most excited to give donations to our families favorite charities this year for Christmas!!


Meredith said...

I love the little lamb hat for him! That's most definately my favorite although the lion hat is pretty spectacular too.

My favorite gift to give is a family portrait to my parents of all their kids and grandkids.


Mrs. Schutt said...

I love the li'l lamb hat with pink flower!

I'm excited about most of my gifts this year. Hand Stamped necklace for my sister and sister-in-law and of course because it's my baby's first Christmas!It's going to be a bitter sweet one though, for it will always be the first Christmas without my Mom & Brother who were killed in a car accident 2 days before last Christmas.

Love reading your blog. I just moved back to Nashville myself!
Merry Christmas!


Rebecca Schmalz said...

Oh my word....the Little Fox hat is just adorable and if I had to choose would be my fav. The gift I am most excited to give would have to be the gum and lip gloss in Molly's stocking. That girl is crazy for them and the shear joy she will display over such little things makes my heart flutter!!

Crossing my fingers this time....


Molly @ Me and Madeline said...

Oh wow! Totally the cutest thing ever! Everything is great, but I'm really in love with the cream lambie hat.

My favorite gift to give this year is probably going to be the fabric doll house and hand painted peg people I'm making for my girl. I'm sure I'm more excited than she'll be!

Anna said...

I love the buddy hat! That would look adorable on my almost-10-month-old bundle of boy.

I'm most excited to give a gift from one of the online charity's gift catalogs this year. I can't wait to look on Samaritan's Purse and other websites to decide what to give!

Bethany Reine' said...

i LOVE the little chef hat!! I cannot wait to give my little sister a beautiful white summer dress i got on sale from tulle. it was a steal and exactly her style!

robbins dot bethany at gmail dot com

Melanie @adorkable said...

I really love the one she picked to give away. Love it!

I'm most excited to give away the jewelry I have been making--a new endeavor. I'm loving it!

Misti said...

I love the "Buddy Hat", it would look so cute on my son!

As for the gift I'm most looking forward to giving... probably the play kitchen we're giving our 4 y/o son. He's been very into "cooking" for us lately, so I think he'll love it.


SarahBfromMN said...

It's hard to pick - they're all fabulous, but I would have to say the lion or the chunky wool in olive would be absolute favorites. The lambs are too sweet though as are the adorable c.owl neck wraps. Oh my!

We really cut back on gifts this year, but I'm most excited about a Burts Bees gift back we bought online at a great price! I kind of want it for myself!

sarahbandfamily at gmail dot come

The Landis Family said...

I think my favorite is the lamb hat. Which is perfect since it's what you are giving away! I'm most excited to give my 22 month old her wagon! It's her second xmas but the first where she will really get into it. Can't wait!


Melissa said...

oh my SO cute! I think my favorite would be the white lamb one with the cute little flower! so adorable! thanks for the giveaway!

The Dortenzos said...

Oh its so hard to pick! They are all adorable! I love the lion and the lamb hats--although there is something so sweet about that lamb!

The gifts I am most excited about giving are photo calendars and mugs, etc. to grandparents and great aunts/uncles! They LOVE their phots of our kiddos :)!


Char said...

My favorite hat is the Strawberry Shortcake Hat. It reminds me of when I was little.

My favorite gift to give every year is the matching jammies I buy my boys. They make me so happy to see them all dressed alike on Christmas morning.

Thanks for the giveaway.

scrappin dot char at gmail dot com

Claire said...

I love the lion hat!

The gift I'm most excited to give is my hubby's iTouch. He drives for a living and has been using my Shuffle to listen to sermons but it can't hold much. A friend had a brand new iTouch that she didn't want and she sold it to me for $50. Finances are really tight right now so it's a tremendous blessing to get him such a nice gift!

cekparker at gmail dot com

Carrie said...

THE.LION. OH MY WORD! I think I might put that on my baby girl (who is just a little younger then Hazel) and make her wear it every day all day and take pictures of her...and swoon. Please pick me? I'll send you pictures :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love the caterpillar cocoon!
The gift I'm most excited to give this year, is a picture to my parents, announcing that our 3rd baby is on the way!

SarahMerritt said...

oh my goodness! My biggest thing I have been buying like crazy not only for Adlie but for our little guy Alastor who is due any time now is hats and I am loving the lamb hat! The gift I am looking forward to giving most this year is I guess Alastor... I am set to be induced the 26th so he may be a little late but one of the best gifts I can give and one of the best gifts our family has been given with the year we have had.


amanda said...

Oh wow. The Hey Dude hat is simply adorable. My 4-month-old little guy needs one of these hats :)

Also, I'm looking forward to giving my girls their pillow pets..they've been talking about these all year!

Eve said...

I have had Hazel's gray lamb hat on my etsy favorites for a way, way too long. Hands-down, the cutest baby hat ever.

I am excited to see my little ones open their presents. Nothing huge, a tonka truck for my boy and an ikea tent for my girl. But they're at that age where everything is exciting. I love it.


DeborahRobson said...

I love the grey lamb hat the most!
I am very excited to give my boys their tent we got for them:) They are getting 100 balls in a bag also, it will be a mess, but fun:)


I would go give my babies kisses, but I just put them down for a nap:)

Shandell said...

I love the black sheep hat. I've actually been eyeing it for some time now :)

And I'm really excited to give my son his gifts this year. At 17 months it's going to be so much more fun to watch him open gifts. We are giving him a bouncing howdy cow.

dawn said...

simply adorable! love the gray lamb hat.

i'm most excited to give my father in law a framed picture with him and the grandsons on the farm together.

Emily said...

So adorable! I love the lamb hat for her with the pink flower.. precious. We are having a small Christmas this year, but I can't wait to give my husband a new pair of slippers. :) We've also been trying to have a baby for a year.. and praying that God would give us the gift of a child for Christmas this year. :)

.:Heather:. said...

I love the Strawberry Shortcake hat but hte lamb is still my absolute FAVORITE! :)

I am most excited to give my hubby indoor skydiving gift certificate! :)

heididh33 said...

I love the chunky wool hats (especially the olive) but the C.OWL is super clever.
My niece (5yo) told me if she had a big girl necklace like aunt Heidi she would hope it would say MY MO (her name is Morgan) from her aunt. So you bet I'm making her one. Can't wait to give it to her.
I would follow #9 of the rules but my husband is gone, my dog needs a bath, and the furnace guy might think it's a little weird... so I'll have to wait for someone else to show up. :)
And yes- Hazel is absolutely adorable!
heididh33@ hotmail.com

EveryChapter said...

Oh my word! Adorable!
So...gazed lovingly at the Etsy shop- check
Favorite one? The newborn sized fox- so sweet, and the pompoms?!? Also love the C.owl although I know it's not a hat- check
Favorite gift I'm giving? The Bible Experiance Bile on CD for my husband. He became a christian in his late teens and is always wishing he knew the Bible as well as some of us sunday school kids but he's not much of one to sit down and read, (plus with three, four and under he has no time!), he does however have a bit of a drive to work- so, Bible on CD. I'm so excited. Plus it's read by some really big name actors which is just fun-check
Email- msmith@msstudiodesigns.com- check
Kiss someone you love? Hold on.... my eight week old has been duly kissed, (a few dozen times)- check
Thanks for gracing us with your sweet little blog- not kissing up- I'm just a closet admirer who loves your blog and is vowing to comment more often. :) Making your headband tute tonight! Thanks

Rebecca said...

I would like to win. Maybe this time for sure! I'm excited to give Beatrice her gloves. She will love them. I love the lamby hat. I would put it on Gusty.

Kristin said...

I really love the white little lamb hat! And I can't wait to give my sister a flip camera I got her!
great giveaway!

newwife said...

I love the lamb hat, it is too adorable! After years of trying to conceive, we received the best gift ever when my daughter was born last month so I am excited to give all our relatives cheesy pictures, collages and photo books of our little doll! I may have gone a little overboard with the Christmas outfits and photo shoots :)

Heather said...

I love the lamb hat for her (with the pink flower); but, I also love the strawberry shortcake hat!

I'm actually really excited to give my babies some play food. I adore watching their little imaginations at work and can't wait to watch them cook up good stuff!

mmunford2000 said...

I love the Strawberry Shortcake hat! My favorite gift I am giving this year is a pair of shoes to my dad.


Dorsey said...

I like the Cotton Candy hat, so perfect for little girls. The Lamb hat is adorable as well.
My favorite gift to give this year...that would be a 5 piece musical instrument set to my one year old grandson. He's going to seranade me over the phone. Thanks for the chance to win!
Off to kiss someone I love.

Aimee said...

I love the lamb hat. I'm excited about giving my youngest the lego camera he has been swooning over for months.

Adrienne said...

I love the red and white strip hat.

lauren@{burns house} said...

So precious! I love everything on that Etsy store, but I especially love the lion hat and the lamb hats!

My favorite gift this year is the very special news that we are expecting #2 in July!! Some of our family already knows, but not all of them, so we're super excited to share that wonderful blessing:)


Tricia T. said...

I LOVE the Little Lamb for Him!! I have a 9 month old and it would be perfect for him this winter!
I am most excited to give homemade calendars we give to our parents every year. We started this tradition several years ago and our family always looks forward to getting them--and we have so much fun making them!

Amanda said...

I like the little black sheep boy hat!
I can't wait to give my sister and brother-in-law some homemade shoes and a few other gifts for their baby boy due around Christmas!

amanda dot lorenzen at cuw dot edu

Kristin said...

I am loving the little lamb for her hat. The gift I am most excited about giving and getting this Christmas is the birth of our 1st daughter - after 3 boys - due December 27th...so although she may not be here ON Christmas...she is a gift to all of us regardless! :)


TEKM said...

So cute. I love the lamb hat best too. I have two little boys and another on the way I would love to give the new little guy such a sweet hat to cover his (probably) bald head!

We don't really do gifts for christmas, but I am really enjoying giving my boys a season full of special memories.

Erin (etfolkerts(at)nucleus(dot)com)

Lindsay said...


I love the Little Lamb Hat For Him (Organic Wool in Cream). My husband says I'm "baby crazy." But they're just so so so adorable!!!

The gift I'm most excited for is that my family's doing handmade gifts this year and I made everyone monogram ornaments.

I couldn't afford this hat unless I won it because my husband and I are still in school...Please please pick me, I love it so!


meg said...

Seriously? How can I decide on the cutest hat? They are all tremendously adorable. I made an awwwww sound though when I saw the black sheep with the pink ears so that one was my favorite!

I'm most excited to give my husband shoes that he has waited an entire year for. The souls of his current fav's look like he walked on fire and he has been so patient for a new pair. He deserves them and I cannot wait!

Thanks! meghutt@gmail.com

Hilary said...

Everything is so cute but I have to admit, I would pick out the lamb hat that is being given away!! It would look so divine on my little Raven :)

And the gift I'm most excited about giving this year?? Being able to share with all of my family if we are adding another boy or another girl to our family this May :)


Anonymous said...

I love the red and white striped hat with bow! Adorable!
I am most excited to give my mom a ridiculously cute Vera Bradley overnight bag :)

Whitney said...

The Little Lamb hat is my favorite, but the Lion is a close runner-up. As far as gifts, I can't wait to see my son's face when he sees his new John Deere gator!

Lori said...

I just LOVE the little lamb hat...would look adorable on my sweet little baby girl who is turning 1 on Thursday! AH!

I cant wait to give my mom the Pandora bracelet from my family and my sister's family. She got us one a few years ago before anyone else knew about them and we finally got her one!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the little lamb for her hat, so adorable! the gift i'm most excited about giving is a melissa and doug barn with animals that we are giving my almost 2 year old. between that and a new toy lawnmower, i think he will have a great Christmas! :)
laura @

The Carson's said...

Oh definitely the lamb! Sawyer's room is a lamb theme!!!


Anonymous said...

I am a long time blog stalker and first time poster. I absolutely love the lamb hat the best..even though they are all adorable.

I am most excited about a gift for my husband. He is the most creative and thoughtful gift giver and I feel like I always fall short. This year I am actually excited to give him a gift. It is a leather bracelet with the dates of our two children engraved on copper- 090906 and 110810. As you can see from the last date my baby girl will turning 1 month on Wed. Would be an awesome 1 month present to win that adorable lamb hat.


{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

That is one of the cutest Etsy shop I've ever laid eyes on! The Little Lamb Hat for Her is my favorite. ADORABLE! The gift I'm most excited to give this year is a digital camera to my 13-year old sister because she's just starting to join me in scrapbooking and a camera of her own will encourage her to take her own pics and spend more time scrapbooking with me!

Thanks for sharing!


Brittany said...

How sweet!! My fave is the little lamb hat! SO adorable! I really want one!! (or five) & I can't wait to give my (almost) 6 month old her Learning Kitchen & musical table! She will LOVE them! Also, I bought my husband some really cool custom made camo seat covers specifically for his truck seats so I know he is gonna be stoked! :D


shannon said...

My favorite item from the shop-- the Little Lamb Hat For Her (Organic Cotton) - just adorable!

And I am super duper excited to give my oldest CHAPTER(!!!!!) books this Christmas. He is in 1st grade and just got to this level of reading where he can get through most chapters on his own. I loved to read and I LOVE watching him getting lost in the words he is reading. Not only is it something he loves, but it is an accomplishment and I am so happy to celebrate it!

Savannah said...

LOVE the cat & the hat; i mean it might be the cutest thing.

i'm excited to give my newest nephew his first christmas presents; he is due to be born in the next few hours ;)

so thankful to be an aunt!!

Abby said...

Oh, oh, oh! I adore the black lamb hat. My 7 week old would look awfully sweet wearing it. He's MY little lamb. I am excited to give all my gifts this year. I worked hard to get some really neat things for the family. I think the most exciting thing I'll be giving is a personalized, pressed initial necklace that I'll be giving to my m-i-l with all the grandkids' names. Can't wait! Oh, and my email is thatsthestoryofmylife (at) yahoo dot com

Abby and Pete said...

oh def the little lamb hat for her is the fave! and I can't wait to give my parents their present this year. we are sponsoring a child from an orphanage they visited in ethiopia this year. now this child can go to school this year, and have supplies, and clothing! yes!

Lisa said...

Toss up between the lion and the black lamb, but I have to go with the black lamb :-)
I am most excited to give my daughter her vanity, but am also pretty excited to see the Rockette's perform next week (my gift to my mom)!


Julie said...

I love the little lamb hat with the flower. But since I have all boys, the Hey Dude hat would be a perfect fit for us. It's cute too! I love giving the grandparents photo calendars with all the grandchildren. The gift they can enjoy all year.


Erin said...

the lion and dr. suess hat are both precious~ well. they all are adorable! i can't wait to give my family pics that jennifer{mckmama} took of us! i also can't wait for me to have a print made of us too~ it has been 8 yrs. since we last had a professional family pic..we have had 2 more babies since then! i really enjoy your blog~ just started reading it! much love and blessings from ga~ erin

Erin said...

forgot my email~ ewwoodall@gmail.com

i love the lion and dr. suess hat! too precious for words! i can't wait to give my family our new family pics that jennifer took of us a few weeks ago! love your blog. too cute! much love and blessings from ga~ erin

alyssa said...

I love the little lamb hat for her with the flower on it. Too cute! I am most excited to give my 19 year old son an iphone 4. He has no clue about it! My 23 mo old daughter is going to love her stroller for her babies. She is quite a mother hen!

Maura said...

Little lamb for her forsure is my fave! I do love the reversible beret, but the lamb hat is just too darn cute! My gift I am most excited to give is the drum set we got my 5 year old. He loves his daddys drums and I know he is going to lose it on Christmas morning!


Michelle Y. said...

I love the little Lamb for her, and the C.Owls are so cute also. Im thinking Im most excited to give my mother the new pots and pans I got her, she hasnt a clue Tehehe :)She thinks shes getting a sweater :)

Susan Graham said...

Love the black lamb with the pink ears! Can' wait to give Luke his train table and train. He skips every time he gets to play with one.

AubreyTeagan said...

I actually love the lamb hat they are giving away. Perfect for my little guy! We need winter hats! I am excited to give my daughter her Tangled Doll. It has these huge green eyes and sparkly hair. The little girl in me wants to keep it for me!


Meredith said...

Personally, I think your rejoicing was completely and totally merited! :) How stinkin' cute!

And this store? How can I chose ONE that I like?! I LOVE the chunky wool in eggplant...but those little toddler cowls? SO.CUTE. And don't even get my started on the Sweet Jane headband and the Little Lamb! EEK! And here I thought I was finished with my Christmas shopping....

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I'm most looking forward to giving my husband a special cutting board I've been hunting for for years (and finally found!).

Thanks for sharing! :)


Thompson Family said...

I LOVE the little lamb hat! So sweet!

I am really looking forward to giving my little girl her first baby doll and my son his Thomas train set!



Kristie said...

There are so many cute hats it's almost impossible to choose a favorite! But I did. :)
I *LOVE* the Little Lamb hat!
And my favorite gift to give this year is for my daughter. She has been asking for a bathroom set for her dollhouse for almost 2 years and I finally found it last week. She will be so happy!


Katie said...

Yummy...... The 'little lamb hat for him' is my favorite- those ears! My favorite gift I am giving this year is the Fropper... to my 16 month old energetic baby boy... i can't wait to watch him Froppp! xo katie.creech@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I can't decide...I love them all!!!


Jami said...

I love the Little Lamb hat in black organic wool!

So excited to give my girls their matching Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve!

keight dukes said...

um, THIS HAT is my favorite. flipping unreal adorable. i am so excited to give judah a barbie jammin' jeep power wheel that we got at a yard sale (after we de-barbie it). kiss complete as well!

Melissa Vines said...

Everything in her shop is adorable but I love the lamb hat for her and I'd just have to pair it with some of the organic booties! So sweet! Oh and for Christmas I am most excited about giving my husband a flip camera so I can use it! Hee hee heeee!!! ~Melissa allenvines@gmail.com

Amy said...

Okay, Love all the hats, esecially the sweet little one they are giving away. But also, the strawberry one put a smile on my face!! And maybe a little gasp of cuteness!!
The gift I am most excited to give would be calendear I made of the babies to give to the Grandparents. I know they are going to love them and drool over them. heehee
My email is: amylgallahar@hotmail.com

Aunt Annette said...

I really like the lamby hat that Hazel is wearing. I love my grandbaby looking stylish.
I am looking foward to giving Abby her fashion boots and new clothes.

Abby Aupperle said...

I absolutely adore the white lamb's ears hat! It would look wonderful on the beautiful, brunette babe that I would gift it to if I won! She's just the cutest and this hat would only make her that much more adorable!

The gift that I am most excited to give this year will be given to my husband. I ordered him a pair of TOMS! I think the thing I'm most excited about though is sharing with him and anybody who comments on his shoes that with the purchase of that pair, we also put a pair of shoes on a child in a developing country! Stories are always better when they involve helping those in need! It's great to think that I actually paid for 2 pairs of shoes what 1 pair would normally cost!
My email address is rigzy03@msn.com.

Misty said...

I LOVE the Little Lamb for Him Hat (newborn to 5T). It is perfect for pictures and everyday fun!!!

As for Christmas shopping...our budget has a huge belt around it due to our pending domestic adoption....so NO Christmas shopping this year.

The BEST Christmas gift we are giving to our family is our sweet baby girl. Our expectant mother is due on 12/12 or in 5 days. Our family is sooo excited to meet the newest member of our family.

Merry Christmas!!!!

I can be reached at our adoption blog, momentswiththemckinleys.blogspot.com or at mmmckinley@frontiernet.net

Sushma said...

love the lamb hats. can't wait to give shutterfly photo books to family.


Rachel said...

Love the lamb hat for her!

I am most excited to give my husband pictures of the farm we live on now back when it was an actual "working farm" from pictures I found in our county's archives. So much history!


Emily said...

Love it! The lamb hat is definitely my favorite, though I would say the lion hat if it came in a color that would go well with my girls' complexion...so maybe a custom version of the lion hat it my favorite?

The gift I'm most excited to give is...can't I have multiple? My favorite for non-immediate family members are the scarves I've made from yarn my deceased great grandmother purchased years ago but never used. And for my daughters, I'm stoked about the huge Little People farm set I got them off of Craigslist.

Carrie said...

I love the Strawberry Shortcake hat! I can't really say which gift I'm looking most forward to giving, because the little guy is standing over my shoulder! :)


five little acorns said...

The lion hat definitely made me smile--we named our last baby Ari, which means Lion of God! Love the Hey Dude hat too! So pickin' cute.

I am most excited to give my husband a new pair of work boots; he works so terribly hard for us each & every day and it's so nice to know that after Christmas, his feet will be dry and warm!


Dana said...

I so happen to love the lamb hat the best!!

I can't wait to give my husband some lovin' this christmas, as we've decided not to give gifts this year...!!


Meggan said...

oh. my. word. i went to etsy and they are ALL my favorite! but i think i like the grey or black lam the best. so cute!

i'm most excited to give (semi) homemade ornaments with my babies pictures in the middle this year. cheap and precious, you can't beat that :)


The Harris Family said...

Love this giveaway!! My favorite is the white/beige lamb hat with adorable flower.

My favorite gift to give each year varies. My family and I go to our local elementary school and pick a family off their "giving tree" and try to purchase something the whole family would enjoy...such as a board game or two. I also try to give the kids listed one item each that is a NEED (hat, gloves, etc).

Name: Melissa
email: melissajanelleharris@yahoo.com

Kristin said...

My fave is the chunky wool in eggplant. Too lovely, really.

I am excited to give my little girl a tiny stuffed cat she really wanted earlier today. We said no, but then I snuck back in there to buy it secretly. She'll find it in her stocking.

I love your blog, by the way.


Camp Isaac Mama said...

Ohhhh my goshhhhhh!!!!

My absolute favorite is the little lion hat! And the newborn caterpillar cocoon is soooo precious too!!

I am most looking forward to giving my girls (4 years old and almost 3 years old) the dollhouse that I picked up for them. They are going to be soooo excited, and I can't wait to play with them with it!

djrogness said...

LOVE the lamb hat... it's the sweetest thing! And I am most excited to give my daughter's new panties in their stockings - they LOVE new panties and always have the cutest reactions (oh, to enjoy the simple things in life)!!

Karla Simpson said...

I LOVE the lion hat. So precious!

JCF said...

I love the lion hat!

I am probably most excited to give my 3 year old son the Tidmouth Sheds for his Thomas the Tank Engine set. He is going to be thrilled!

Laura said...

I just love the little lamb hat for her!! TOO cute. My 21 month old, Grace, would look adorable in one :) I think I am most excited to give my daughter the new baby doll accessories and little nursery center we bought her. She really likes to pretend to be a mommy and will LOVE all her new accessories. It warms my heart to watch her rock her babies back and forth, put them down for naps and feed them.

Mommy to 3 said...

I love the little lamb for her,the one with the cute flower. It's so girly. I am excited to give my 4 year old a whole "artist" kit (wooden box of supplies, giant poster board pad, and a huge princess coloring book.) She lives to draw, color, paint, create. christacampbell(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Kristi said...

I love the little lamb hat, but I also love the lion hat and either would look adorable on my great-niece.

I am most looking forward to giving my great-niece (the big sister of the one who would look cute in the hat) a fabulous art set I found for her.

Thanks for the giveaway.


Ebe said...
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Jacksprat said...

Oh, I just like the chunky wool ones, though the reversible beret is pretty cute, too!

I'm excited to give my children the gift of being in their own home for Christmas this year. It's the first time we've been in our own house on Christmas Day in NINE years; my kids have never woken up Christmas morning in their own beds. This year, they get CHRISTMAS AT HOME.

natalie eve said...

can i choose ALL of them?? Ahhh - so cute!

so excited to give my girls their dollhouse this christmas! i remember getting ours & it seemed so magical! i love to gift on my babes!


Martha said...

I'm loving the red/white stripe hat with the bowtie. It would be so cute on my grandson. I also love the black lamb one. Oh, how to choose from all the darling hats. I really love them all.