23 November 2010


Oh, darling.

You are eight months old and you are so much fun!
Here's a quick list of what you've been up to this past month:
  • You point and touch things with your pointer finger. It's so cute.
  • You've started to learn to wave goodbye and raise your arms over your head to show us you are "so big!!"
  • You are climbing everything - the stairs, the walls, you name it. Today I found you standing on a chair in the play room, trying to reach Oliver's markers and crayons. Not okay.
  • Baby girl, you are FINALLY sleeping from 7 to 7. thank you. amen.
  • You're more than just babbling "mamama" now - you're calling to me by name - what a sweet sound!
  • You, daughter, are a very impatient eater - lots of shouting and demanding between bites. We're working on the sign language thing, but it's clear that it's going to take a while. You have a very strong will with lots of ideas of how things should be.
  • You can be pretty bossy when it comes to just about everything, including nursing. If it were up to you, nursing would be more of a "grab a couple of M&Ms out of the candy dish as you crawl past" snack than a "time to stock up for the cold winter" sort of long meal. Not awesome.
  • You're beginning to cruise more but still not standing on your own.
  • You're more or less rocking a sippy cup. (We use the Nuby brand with the two side handles. Works well for her littleness.)
  • You can hold your own with your brother. We've witnessed you reaching across to him while riding in your side-by-side stroller and trying to steal his things. If you don't like what he's doing, you let him know. But most of the time, you're a big, open-mouthed, grinning, bouncing enamored little sister. It's so fun to watch the way the two of you interact.
You're growing and changing and loving and delighting!
Happy eight months, sweet daughter!
Isn't her little necklace onesie just darling?
Up for a quick mini-tutorial? Someone is bound to ask anyway,
so I'm just beating you to the punch! :)
  1. Find a onesie. White or otherwise, it really doesn't matter. Dye it if you like!
  2. Cut out a lot of little felt circles. About 18 should do it. They can range from pea-size to quarter-size. (or they can all be uniform - it's your creation!)
  3. Lay them out on the onesie neckline. Let them creep up under the laps of the neckline a bit, it's nice that way.
  4. Now, muster up all your brave sewing courage. And some bright colored or matching thread.
  5. The next part is going to take some fanangling. If you can remove part of the platform from your sewing machine it might help.
  6. Start at one side, say a prayer, and go for it. A wide stitch is fine. Because things are so little and tricky, you may want to sew by advancing the wheel on the right side of your machine instead of using the pedal. I sometimes do this when I'm in a tight spot. (You could also totally hand stitch this bad boy!)
  7. If you're feeling so intimidated, start in the middle and work your way to the sides. Some of your pieces may fall or slide as you go, just tell them who's boss. (If you think it will help, you could use an air-soluble marker to mark where each circle belongs. Then, it if falls, you know right where to replace it.)
  8. Just whatever you do, don't sew the front to the back. It makes it hard to put a baby inside that way.
  9. Finish stitching the cute circles to the little onesie.
  10. Snip your threads.
  11. Press it all neatly.
  12. Feel awesome.
  13. Try not to hate me if this tutorial drove you crazy. It was on the fly, so no pictures.
  14. Tell me if it worked! It always makes me so happy to get to see pictures of what y'all do!
And that's that.

I'll leave you with the most darling photo of my baby girl today. She has a new lambie hat that I'm over the moon for, but I haven't been able to manage a photo of the front of it - you know, the part that shows it's most cuteness - all day. I'm working on it. I want to give one away, but Hazel is being a bit stubborn about the whole matter.



Brittany said...

Aw! Happy 8 months to you baby girl! :) you are getting too big for your britches it seems! We love to watch you grow! <3

Raechel, do you have or recommend a book to help with teaching our littles how to do sign language? & that onesie is so stinkin cute! Now, this is something I may be able to actually make! LOL I will have to give it a shot (by hand, since I don't own a sewing machine) :( & I'll let you know how it turns out!

I am anxious to see the front of the new lambie hat and of course the gorgeous face that fills it! It looks adorable already and I love any kind of hat like that! I can see the ears on it and am sold!

Erin said...

she just melts my heart!! love her little onesie!!

Nicole said...

happy 8 months to hazel!! she's just as sweet as can be!!

{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

I attempted my own version of your cute necklace onesie for my little girl! Your quick instructions were perfect and it was a success. Thank you!! Feel free to check out my version at:


Tell your sweet Hazel thanks for the inspiration! She is a cutie!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 8 months, Hazel!
She is so precious!