20 December 2008

(Originally posted on Dr. Grant's "The Quick and the Dead" blog. But, worth a re-post!)

Planned Parenthood and the other members of its pro-abortion coalition have petitioned president-elect Obama in a 55-page memo to bail-out it's already cash-rich industry with more than $1 Billion in new infanticide subsidies.

Its requests are not limited to major funding increases, however. They also include repealing policies that have "any limiting effect whatsoever" on organizations from being able to engage in abortion advocacy abroad and enshrining “reproductive health rights” in the legal system.

According to Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser these fiscal demands would actually increase federal spending for reproductive health and abortion by $1.5 billion. She calls it “the big abortion bail-out.”

If Obama's new administration acquiesces, as he has indicated it will, the next four years will herald a new level of global triage and genocide.