20 December 2008

Yesterday, I was picking up downstairs and noticed that something was a little different than I'd left it. Evidently, Oliver took it upon himself to do a little redecorating. Can you see what he did?

Oliver manages to "un-make" our bed at least once a day.
He also manages to "un-make" our kitchen cabinets.
Fortunately, his head is just the right size for my sifter.

This is Owen. He's Oliver's good buddy who stopped by yesterday with an apple juice slushy to share with his friend. The boys played for a couple of hours and even took some time to play "naptime" and giggle in bed with some books. We hope we get to have Owen and his family around for many years to come!


The Morrisons said...

So cute in that bed! Thanks for playing with us yesterday. We had so much fun. Owen said "I yuv u oyayar" all the way home!

Christine said...

The picture of the happy little face behind the pillows fills my heart with delight.