09 December 2008

So, I thought I was really something. This year for Thanksgiving I was pretty sure I had all my bases covered, twice! I even sat down with my kitchen chalkboard and created an intricate timeline outlining the food preparation for Thanksgiving morning and the day before. I had all the dishes I was responsible for coordinated and cooking in two kitchens, oven temps in sync and everything finishing right on time to all be piping hot as we sat down for the big feast. I'm so cool, right?

And then, it was time to hang it on the wall.

All that effort, all that organization, all that pride and attempts at impressing my guests, and I'd done the entire thing UPSIDE DOWN!
I just didn't have the heart to do it all over again. I swallowed my Thanksgiving turkey pride and hung it next to my apron, upside down. And, sure enough, all my guests saw it - upside down.

Pride goes before the fall, I guess. :)


Tracy said...

that is kind of funny. I've done stuff like that before. :-) Just chalk it up to mommy brain.

Christine said...

HA! The question is, did everything work out on time? Because then it wouldn't even matter.

Raechel said...

Yes, everything worked out beautifully. We sat down to a yummy, piping hot meal only 15 minutes later than planned. Next year we'll hit the target for sure! :)