09 December 2008

This past Sunday we joined a group from Parish to travel to The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. There we attended their 49th annual Festival Service of Lessons and Carols for the advent season.

There were 9 lessons (scripture passages anticipating and narrating the birth of Christ) and carols (old hymns from as early as the 15th century) that were performed beautifully with all the lovely old church liturgy. In the procession there was even a person who swung a ball full of burning incense as they walked. So cool!

Anyhow, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening, and an appropriate way to celebrate the advent season.

I'd love to share some photos from the chapel and the day:

Below is actually one of the academic buildings on campus.
It was just so cool - all of the buildings were made of stone!

My brother-in-law Caleb as we waited in line outside before they opened the doors.
Me with my love.
Not the greatest photo, but you can get an idea of how cool the sanctuary was. It was great!

That's all. Not an incredibly "newsy" post - just unloading my camera and thought I'd share.

Rest well tonight, friends!


Tracy said...

That is beautiful! I love churches like that. <3

Christine said...

It makes me miss Oxford, Rae.

That was five years ago!! When did we get old?