16 December 2008

Thanks to the four participants of the Christmas trivia contest this year! Somehow I had visions of comments piling in from the four corners of the Earth. :) Ha! Well, with no further ado, here are the correct answers, scores and the winner.

  • In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean? His heart was TWO sizes too small.
  • What two gospels tell the most complete biblical Christmas story? Matthew and Luke
  • No two of these 1983-85 most popular Christmas toys were exactly alike. Cabbage Patch Dolls (Christine, you were the only one who got this)
  • When Oliver decided to unwrap his own presents this year, what was his delightful exclamation that suggested to me what might be taking place? "Happy Christmas!"
  • How did Yukon Cornelius test for silver and gold? He licked his ice pick
  • In It's a Wonderful Life what would the town have been called if George had not been born? Potterville
  • In A Charlie Brown Christmas, what does Lucy want for Christmas? Real Estate (no one got this, but some suggestions were: to be Christmas queen, an M.D. and peace on earth)
  • Name two dishes I planned to make for our family Thanksgiving. Snap beans, bacon biscuit dressing and sweet potato casserole were all acceptable answers
  • What American engravers are known for their wintertime scenes? Currier & Ives
  • According to Mr. Edwards in Little House on the Prairie, what crossbreed animal does Santa Claus ride? a pack mule
  • What wooden toys did Oliver receive as gifts for his 2nd birthday, which he is also hoping to find under the tree for Christmas? (hint: Oliver isn't the only Myers man who is fond of these.) Automoblox (autobots was close, Tara)
  • The Preacher's Wife is a remake of what 1947 Christmas classic? The Bishop's Wife
  • Name one thing that I was thankful for on Thanksgiving day this year. Oliver wearing undies, two boys, and hope were all correct answers
  • Who wrote the music for The Nutcracker? Tchaikovsky
  • What two new words did Oliver learn during the first (and only, so far) snowfall of the winter? Snow & Snowball
  • What are the traditional colors of the candles on an advent wreath? Purple and Pink
  • What color of hat did I wear to the Lessons and Carols in Sewanee, TN? (which, by the way, Ryan had wrapped up on the dining room table for me that morning as an "I love you and we're going to have a great day" gift!) red and pinkalicious were both acceptable
  • What did George and Mary Bailey call "our song" in It's a Wonderful Life? Buffalo Gals
  • How many months did the top half our living room remain unpainted? eight months
  • What did Mrs. Claus keep telling Santa Claus to do in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? "Eat, Papa, eat!"
  • What is the name of the photographer who was with us for Evie's birth, and also did our fall photos in October? Claire Wise
  • In the carol "I saw Three Ships" what landlocked city did the ship sail to? Bethlehem (Only Rebecca and Nathan got this)
  • Whose blog is my inspiration for "Not Me Mondays"? MckMama
  • What were the names of the female entertaining team in White Christmas? The Haynes Sisters (not the Lennon sisters or the Pennington sisters)
  • And the bonus: What fast food restaurant does the Myers family traditionally patronize following the Christmas Eve Service on December 24th. (this is not in my blog) Kentucky Fried Chicken (only Rebecca got this - she has a bit of an advantage on this one...)

  • And now, the scores in the order in which they were posted:
    Christine - 18 correct
    Rebecca - 18 correct
    Tara - 13 correct
    Nathan - 17 correct

    So, according to the rules, the tie-breaker goes to the person who posted first. Congratulations to:

    I will contact you shortly to arrange delivery. And, thanks to all the participants of the first annual Christmas Trivia Contest.


    Christine said...

    Yay! I think this may be the first contest I have ever won. Or at least the most fun one. Whatever.

    Thanks for the book! I can't wait to read it!