21 May 2009

Ryan: Oliver, you need to choose inside or outside. We have the air conditioning on and we need to keep the door closed.

Oliver (in his most pitiful voice): No ooutside.

Ryan: Well then, you can stay inside.

Oliver (still pitiful): Noooo inside.

Ryan: Then where do you want to be?

Oliver (ever pitiful): On vacaaaaation!

Me too, buddy, me too.


Sarah said...

I'm with Oliver! Vacation is the place to be.

Tracy said...

me, three!

Lorri said...

Hi Raechel, wanted to give you a heads up to please check your email (I sent 2 things this morning.)

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm a reader of b's blog and i was wondering where she is? is she okay? can you or some one please give an update? still praying for a miracle for april rose!!

Grandma~rella said...

Hi Raechel~
I just want to thank you for the 'pink' project on little April Rose's blog. You are a wonderful friend to offer such truly beautiful encouragement and support to 'B' and 'D'. Not an hour (literally) goes by without my thoughts and prayers being sent out for this precious little family~since the very first time I read April's Mommy's blog. It breaks my heart to know 'B' does not have the support of her Momma. :*( Being a Mother and Grandmother, I've sort of adopted B and April Rose, into my heart and love them like my own. :*) Even my three five year old and one four year old Grandbabies pray for them at bedtime, as I've shared with them all, how truly special they are~and how prayers are something so truly important and so needed for them at this time.

Sorry to ramble on ~ my heart is on overdrive for B, D and little April Rose. I'm hoping there's an update, even a tiny one, very soon. I'm also hoping and praying you are monitoring the comments on B's blog, because we all know how hurtful some people can be. :*( Please give the little family my love and again, thank you for watching out for our girl~'B.' You are truly an Angel! (((HUGS)))
Grandma~rella in Oregon
**My 'pink' pic is my youngest Granddaughter, 'dreaming in pink~Oregon.'