06 May 2009

Hello friends! Welcome to Way Back Whensday - the blog carnival I created way back here where we look way back in our photo archives (whether 2 months or 20 years!) to share with our friends the glories of where we were way back when!

This week's theme is "Water, Water Everywhere". I invite you to dig out old photos of yourselves as babies, children, teenagers or adults (or even of your own children) at the beach or pool.

I'm so excited to see what you've come up with! Fire up those scanners, friends, and join me for a trip Way Back When! And don't worry if it's not Wednesday anymore, you're always welcome to jump on board!

I'll start with a photo of my sister and me. In this photo, she's 2 and I'm 1 month old. My Mom used to take us to swim at our friends the Richardsons' pool. Notice the cute star bathing suit she's wearing?

Fast-forward two years: Becky (yes, we called her "Becky" then, so I'm calling her "Becky" for this photo) was 4 and I was 2. Now I'm wearing the star bathing suit! Isn't my mom cute to have the wherewithall while raising two little girls to recreate a cute picture? Nice work, Mom! (And, nice face, Becky!)

And, here we are that same summer at the Leckrones' pool, I believe. In this picture, I'm about the age that Oliver is now. I'm so glad I had a big sister to swim with me!

That's all I've got. It turns out, all the beach trips happened before I was born. But, these photos are great to have!

Alright, friends, you're up! Do you think we can hit more than three links this week? Dig deep, girls!

So, here's the deal: if we get at least five participants this week, I'll do this again next week. And, believe me, you want this to happen, because next week is all about birthday pictures! And, I know your Moms made some killer homemade birthday cakes! See you then!


Susan said...

You are both so cute! What beautiful little girls I had (have)! Thank you for the fun treat.

Tracy said...

I'll have to dig around!

Lyndsey said...

oooh you must keep doing WBW! I can't wait for birthdays!

Love your blog, Oliver is SUCH a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I totally want to join you on this one but it's my little sisters birthday and I just saw this and have no time to dig out pics. I have some good ones for this theme too - drats!

The Morrisons said...

Found some cute pics of Micah's first beach trips. I couldn't find any (and was too lazy to look too hard) from when I was a little. I love the recreation in photo #2.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.
I hope you will stop by and visit me. The May give away has started....and next week I will be blogging from Disney World.

tara said...

I hope you keep this up! I love seeing these posts each week! Oliver is so great! I am loving the tweets about garbage trucks and construction!

Anonymous said...

WBW idea is not original. All of us multiples mamas play every single week (for a very very very long time now) at Twinfatuation.

Nieman Family said...

THis looks like lot of fun. I just found tonight...So I think I want to play along...I'll just leave the word Wednesday out. :)