27 April 2010

Happy 6 weeks, baby girl. We adore you!


At six weeks you are:

- sleeping better and better! You usually sleep one 5-hour stretch, eat very quickly (about 12-15 minutes), then go right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Daddy usually plays with you in the morning after that so Mama can catch a bit more rest before the day begins.

- a champion eater! This morning our home scale said you weighed 11.4 pounds! You have rolls everywhere, eat very quickly, and are almost completely out of your 0-3 month clothes. We're so grateful for such a healthy girl!

- not a big crier. At night you never cry (you just let me know you're awake by grunting and squealing) and when you fuss during the daytime you're pretty easy to figure out. You usually either want to eat, sleep, burp, have a fresh diaper, or cuddle. No problem - we can do any of those things for you!

- smiling at us a lot! You've been consistently giving us good, reactive smiles since about 5 weeks old (before that is was very sporadic). Now we can count on getting lots of smiles during your happy awake time and it's such a fantastic payoff!

- baptized! (But we'll talk about and share photos of that in a bit...) :)

- fitting in to the family quite well! When we asked Oliver this week how long he wanted to keep you he said "forever!" and we feel the same way! While big brother has had some trouble adjusting with Mommy and Daddy, he's just completely smitten by you and wants to hold you and help with you any chance he gets. You are adored!

Man, I still can't get over seeing photos of me with my baby girl.
It's so neat to see myself as a mother with a daughter- it just doesn't get old!


Jen said...

That's a great pic of the two of you!

Erin said...

Love the picture of you 2!! she is adorable!! :)

Amy, queen of the world. said...

Not sure if I've ever posted, but I read all the time. I'm so inspired by how positive you are. You've taught ME so much about accepting things as God sends them to us, and about the bigger picture that God created long before we even came to be. So thank you for that!

Your little ones are SO DARLING. Your girl looks like Oliver with a headband on!! hehe... so precious!

Anonymous said...

6 WEEKS ALREADY! Man time flies! Continuie enjoying your babies & thanks for sharing them with us!

~Christi in California~

Kate said...

6 weeks? Seriously? Wow, where did the time go? She is absolutely precious and just keeps getting cuter every day!

Anonymous said...

That picture is gorgeous! She sounds exactly like my Emery :).

Christine said...

I am so impressed at her sleeping schedule! Hazel, you are clearly a genius. A genius, I say. A roly-poly darling genius, at that.

Chelsa said...

great picture!

corbin and miss hazel sound SO MUCh alike :)