05 April 2010

If you were just hankerin' for some pictures from our weekend, you are SO in luck! Pictures are about all I have time for this morning, so we'll just call it (nearly) Wordless Monday. :)


Easter lovelies.

Hazel's first Easter in the most wonderful purple smocked Easter dress I've ever seen.
Thank you, friend ;)

A lovely lady with her pink Easter basket (and her Mama and Papa).

Hazel spit her dewey out for the photo. (Didn't want to look like a baby!)

This is where Hazel hangs out while we get ready in the mornings.
She's (almost) usually a good sport about it.

"Lives again our glorious King,
Where, O death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save,
Where thy victory, O grave?"
-"Christ the Lord is Risen Today"
Text: Charles Wesley 1739


Erin said...

She is so beautiful! And you can definitely tell she's Oliver's sister! You and your hubs only have one mold, don't you?!

Much love,

Kasey said...

Beautiful pics! Love the new header!

A Lil Story said...

So sweet~ and you guys look great!! would never think you have a newborn in the house =)

Erin said...

You are a lucky lady and have one GOOD LOOKING family. Your little man is going to have all the ladies loving him ha ha!! Hazel is just soo sweet! :)

You all look great in your easter outfits!

Sara said...

They're GORGEOUS! I feel like it'd be fun to make a list sometime of all the different things people call pacifiers. One of the little girls I watch calls them fafas... we have no idea where that came from, she named them herself.

Ps. I LOVE your bedding set... Did you make that?

katiedesign47 said...

Oliver looks like he stepped out of a magazine! :) Miss Hazel is looking beautiful herself.

Tiffany said...

Your photos are divine - seriously. I love how you captured your family. Your blog is an inspiration.

Would you be a dear and check out my new blog hop? Thanks!!

Melissa said...

Your family is adorable! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter w/ your new addition :)
We attended Easter services in a HUGE chapel and when we sang that song....oh my! And that is one of my favorite verses. I love it. And this mama was certainly in tears as I felt so blessed to be there as a family of 4...our first Easter as a family of 4 in fact.
Beautiful photos!

Nicole said...

Beautiful family , beautiful pictures , beautiful words, and a beautiful day!
Many blessings to you and yours!

The Leonard Four said...

hi raechel...i'm not sure if i've ever left a comment before, but i've been "stalking" you for quite some time now! i love your positive attitude and creative suggestions! and your kids are totally AHdorable! you are one lucky mama, and have a precious family!

i'm a mommy to two little girls - 7.5 and 4 - in texas. you can stalk us whenever you'd like {cause i know you're rollin' in free time and all! ;)}. i've been desperately looking for new bedding for our master and L.O.V.E. yours. if you don't mind a copycat, could you emial me and tell me where you got it! :)

take care,

Erin said...

you won the giveaway :)

Claire Wise Photography said...

Oh oh oh she's gotten so big (and yes I do realize I say that every.single.time)!

I love that boy of yours and that niece of yours and that precious girl of yours.

These pictures made me smile.

Christine said...

Stephen and I both like these photos a lot. He specifically said that Oliver looked so sharp. And I would like Rebecca to mail me her dress, please. Thank you.

ps: Miss Hazel is looking so big!!! :) and also :(

amy said...

Adorable pics!

I LOVE the dress that your niece's mom is wearing...where did she get it???

Hazel is such a little angel!

Elizabeth said...

You have a beautiful family. Happy Easter!


stephanie joy said...

gorgeous, gorgeous! you all are gorgeous!!

btw, how are you nursing in that dress? zipping it off and hiding in a room somewhere? i'm always perplexed how i figure out how to nurse in different dresses. i have yet to use a strapless since my little bitty has been born. ;) ha ha!