25 April 2010

Ryan and Rebecca (my sister) and a few of our friends have been training the past few months, and yesterday they all ran in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon.

The weather was gorgeous all morning but by the end of the race everyone was literally racing the clock to beat the hail and heavy winds. A bunch of the marathon runners actually had to be cut short because of the weather - bummer!

Fortunately, our runners all finished before the rain hit hard. It was a great race - and Ry and Rebecca both finished right around 2 hours and 34 minutes.

We had a blast watching, but next year I definitely want to be in the race and not in the crowd!

(Ry's Dad with me at mile 2)

Oliver saw Ryan running past and before we could stop him he started running after him. Ry said it was one of the highlights of his race :)

The cutest part of the cheering section:

Me and my girl watching the full marathon 1st place finishers come across the line
(I think the winner finished the FULL 26.2 miles in 2 hour, 15 minutes or so!!!!!)

At the very last stretch of the race Ry passed us and grabbed Oliver out to finish the race with him. He carried him for a few steps and then set him down so they could run across the finish line together.

(O especially enjoyed all the fantastic snacks waiting for
the runners just across the finish line!)

One of the runners was wearing a shirt that read "Run like there's a tornado chasing you!" and boy was that right! By the time we got home that night the weather was really nasty and we were so glad to hit warm showers and have a safe roof over our heads.

Great work, Ryan, Rebecca, Danielle, Nolan, George, Heather, Kim, and JoEllen!!!


Amy said...

what a fun family day! you look great after having that beautiful baby girl!

Christine said...

Yay, Ryan and Rebecca!!

Tracy said...

Congratulations Ryan and Rebecca! So sorry to have missed you! Next nashville trip, we have GOT to make plans to get together. :)

I can't wait to hear how the celebrations went yesterday!

Chelsa said...

oh my goodness, what a fun time for Oliver! Those pictures were priceless of him chasing after Ryan!


Erin said...

I love the pictures! Love that he took O with him to finish the race! What a great experience!

4cunninghams said...

congrats to the runners!
What kind of baby carrier were you wearing?

Bethany said...

I was reading your post thinking about some friends of mine (from Birmingham) who did the race too....and they are actually in the second picture you posted(they are both wearing red). How crazy is that? Out of all the thousands of people there they are in your picture and they made it on your blog! :)

Mindy said...

Wow. I distinctly remember your son running after his Daddy. I have three boys of my own and it warmed my heart. Glad to be posted on a sister's page(sister in Christ). What a testimony. Our shirts have a Greek word on them; Hupomone which means perservering in suffering. I would love to send you one. How would I do that ?

Tricia said...

This is not exactly a comment related to the race but rather your wrap you are carrying your sweet girl in! I had a baby boy on March 10th and I bought a Moby wrap. I have tried several times to carry him in it and it just doesn't seem to work...we don't look comfy like you and Hazel look.
Could you, would you, do a post on how exactly you wrap a baby...specifically a newborn? My boy is not quite 10lbs yet and it just seems like he gets lost in there and all scrunched up/doubled over! Not sure what I am doing wrong!
By the way...you do look great and Hazel is adorable! I know you are enjoying her!

Raechel said...

Bethany & Mindy - SO funny! Small world! (And, nice to meet you!) :) I'd love a shirt! Email me! (address is on my sidebar)

Tricia - Congrats on your baby boy! Not much older than Hazel! I actually made that wrap from good jersey fabric bought at JoAnns and cut to the dimensions of a Moby wrap. A post about wrapping would be a good idea... I'll keep it in mind (and see if I can grab somebody to help me with photos!)