04 April 2010

Some funny things Oliver has said to us this weekend:

After watching Veggie Tales for the first time at my Mom's house, he reported to me,
"Mommy, I watched Berry Tales... no... Vegetable Stories!!!"

While Ryan was warming a meal of meatloaf delivered to us from a Parish family:
"Mommy, are we having loaf beef for dinner?"

While coloring at the table and chatting with his Daddy,
"...and someday, Hazel will be bigger and she'll sleep in my room in the sister bed!
Except, I don't have any milk in my shoulder, so I'll have to wait for Mommy if she cries..."

And, best of all today:
Ryan and I: "Oliver, Christ is risen!"
Oliver: "He is risen, indeeeeeed!"

I love that kid!


natali said...

haha! He's hilarious! :))

Erin said...

he is funny boy :) Did you get a new picture on your header?!?!!?!?

Rebecca said...

Also, "I juuuust want to look in my Easter Basket, Daddy, please."

Bethany said...

I just noticed your new photo on your top banner...absolutely adorable pic! I love how you have a photo that correlates literally with your metaphoric blog name. Very clever and super cute!

Me and Madeline said...

"milk in my shoulder"...SO funny!

Groovy said...

"Sir Oliver, the Wise," you definitely are!!! Can't wait to see you soon!

Tracy said...

hehe. milk in your shoulder. :)

Chelsa said...

oh i love the funny things they say!

Kelly said...

Oliver has a beautiful heart. :o)