21 September 2010


Sweet Hazel, you never cease to blow our minds. Just walking into a room and seeing you there, recognizing us and smiling that big grin of yours makes us feel the need to pinch ourselves several times a day.

Speaking of pinching ourselves, is it possible that I'm currently writing your 6-month milestones post?? Are you already a HALF A YEAR old?! I'd tell you to slow down, baby girl, but you've made it clear to us that that is not an option!

In the past month you have shown us what a driven little girl you are. In four week's time you've mastered sitting up, eating solids (you're loving bananas, rice cakes, avocados, brown rice and the occasional garbanzo bean), crawling from room to room, and, as of this evening, you've upped the ante yet again: you're cruising!


I'm pretty sure we'll be reporting to your pediatrician at your 9-month well-check that you're riding two-wheeler.

As for height and weight stats, you've settled right into the 50th percentile at just under 16 pounds and 25.5" tall.

You're beginning to babble a little bit, mostly with the "bababa" sound. You are a raspberry-blowing machine and seem to think it's funny to "pppthbt" right as you have a big mouthful of yogurt or crackers in your mouth. Cracks Oliver up every time.

While you're doing fabulously with your gross motor skills and eating, and are right on track verbally and with fine motor skills, girl, we're fixing to call in a specialist when it comes to sleep! While you only nurse once a night, usually at 4am, you give your Daddy fits between midnight and 4, getting stuck standing up in your crib or needing your pacifier replaced every 45 minutes or so.

Speaking of bedtime, you are officially sharing a room with your big brother and it's gone very smoothly for daytime naps and nighttime.

Hazel Wren, you are a great joy to your family and to all of those that love you. We are blown away by what you can do, but more, we are blown away that you are here and you're ours! We humbly thank the Lord for entrusting you to us for as long as he will. And we continue to pray for wisdom and grace as we care for you and strive to point you to Christ.


Happy six months!


jilljohnandhope said...

Happy half birthday, beautiful girl!

jilljohnandhope said...
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Sara said...

Forget riding a two-wheeler, she's going to be driving by then! Wow when she starts moving she just keeps on going doesn't she! I wouldn't be surprised if you say she's walking in a couple weeks.

Happy Half-Birthday Hazel! You go girl!
But if you would be so kind, do give Mommy and Daddy a break at bedtime :) I think they'd appreciate it.

Leigh said...

She is such a doll! Happy 6 months Hazel!

Anna said...

Beautiful baby girl! 6 months goes so fast!

Claire Wise Photography said...

tears. happy tears but tears nevertheless.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear that the room sharing is working out! Ours are going to bunk up together too and I've been a little nervous about it. I can't believe how big Hazel is getting...what a doll!

3 Dudes and a Diva said...

She is simply adorable!! I am relatively new to your blog but I am now an addict for sure!! Adorable children you have been blessed with. Thanks for sharing.