01 September 2010

In an attempt to eek out every bit of fun from our marathon visit with Granddad and Groovy, we made a quick trip to Sweet CeCe's ice cream shop after dinner tonight.

Oliver was, as usual, in high spirits and couldn't manage to stay still. Sweet kid. He was having such a fun time making his sister giggle and Hazel was in high heaven getting all kinds of attention from her big brother upon whom the sun rises and sets.

After enough shenanigans for one visit to the ice cream parlor I heard Ryan say to Oliver in a get-serious tone, "Alright, Buddy. Time to sit down and eat some ice cream."

Way to crack down, honey.


Of course, the kids weren't the only ones enjoying their Sweet CeCe's visit.


And even though ice cream is sweet, a lovely outing with the family is a hundred times sweeter!


P.S. I have something delightful to share with you all! We've been busy at work in the nursery and once we put in all the finishing touches, I'm excited to share what we've been up to!!


Jen said...

i love reading your sweet blog. can't wait to see the little ones new rooms.

my daughter, adelyn, is just a couple of weeks younger than hazel. so i love seeing what she is up to knowing it will be soon for adelyn. the new fun thing right now is she is up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. she is wanting to go!! :)

do you have hazel on a good sleep schedule yet? we are still working on that one! i also homeschool my six year old so this mama is tired right now!

Chelsa said...

can't wait to see the nursery!

fun times at the ice cream parlor! YUM!

Anna said...

I love that story. You have such a gift for conveying small details of your family's life in a captivating way. Beautiful pictures too, as always.

Tracy said...

that cracks me up. we say things like that all of the time. like "stop eating all of your fruit and eat some hamburger". Classic.

keight dukes said...

what an authoritarian! love it. and you are mild to massively adorable while eating ice cream (more towards the massively side of adorable). i would just look like a dairy-crazed house!