02 September 2010

Dear Hazel & Oliver,

Do you know how blessed you are to have the Granddad & Groovy that you do?(Heck, any Grandma that prefers to go by "Groovy" is already starting out pretty cool, right?!)

Do you know how adored you are?


Adored enough for your Grandparents to invite you to stay at their house with them for a week. To take you golfing and to the zoo and to every park in a 15 mile radius, while filling every spare minute with swimming, snacks and games. (Talk about a let down when you come home, eh??) ;)

Adored enough to drive 9 hours to see you, then do everything they can for you for three days straight, taking hundreds of photos of you and gushing about how impressive each of you are in your own fabulous and unique ways.

Ah yes, doting grandparents.

Boy do they love you.

Boy, will you love them.

Thank you, Lord, for giving these children Grandparents that love them and, most importantly, that love You. We do not take this for granted!


Erin said...

what a great post!!! Grandparents are soo important to me, my kids and family. Your children are lucky and I am sure they know that or will know that very soon to have such amazing grandparents!!

The Buchanan Family said...

you are so blessed to have that. Great post.

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

aww how cute! I was going to ask too :)