25 September 2010

Tonight we were invited to an old school movie party.
We watched "The Gazebo" reel-to-reel style. So fun!

While we were there, this girl raised the bar yet again.


She climbed a step up and out of the sunken living room because she was dying to see what was up in the kitchen.

You know, because just simply crawling is so 5-months-old.


shannon said...

That is a wonderful picture! Maybe one of these days, in all your spare time (haha), you could do a post with photography tips.

Since I stumbled upon your blog months back, I've been very impressed with the shots you capture and post. Not to be lame, but you make the ordinary extraordinary. Okay, that did sound lame......you get the point though...

Brittney said...

Hey! Just happened to come across your blog this week! Love it! Blessing to you and your family!

Marisa said...

Oh, man...this girl is on her way!! Love it, Miss Raechel. Can't believe how much she has changed over the past five months. Such a lovely little lady. Enjoy, sweet friend.

Much love,

3 Dudes and a Diva said...

What an AMAZING baby!! She is ready to go and explore the world, no stopping her now!!

Erin said...

can you send her over here and have her teach my 7 month old how to crawl!! She is so close I just think she needs some pointers!!