08 November 2010


We rarely feed Hazel packaged baby food, but I saw these organic baby food pouches the other day and was so curious I had to give it a whirl. Now, I know you're probably supposed to squirt the food out of the pouch and into a bowl, then spoon-feed the newly dispensed contents to the baby little by little, just like the other kinds of baby food.

But, Hazel was so impatient for dinner the other night that I hastily unscrewed the top and offered the "mouthpiece" to her. I have never seen anything like it. Before I knew what was happening she sealed her little lips around the opening and like a little baby vacuum and I felt the pouch starting to deflate in my hand. No kidding, 3.2 ounces down in 10 seconds flat.

Fast, nutritious AND tidy!

I have to ask - is it okay to let her suck the food out? Like, is she going to inhale the food on accident or will she get a tummy ache from eating too fast? It almost feels like it's too good to be true. It it weren't for the oatmeal I also fed her that evening, it would have been the tidiest dining experience I've ever had with a 7-month-old.

I've seen toddler versions of these that are actually intended to be consumed this way (I offered one to Oliver yesterday and he nearly gagged at the texture).

Have y'all ever tried them? We normally feed Hazel whatever foods we're also eating, but it's nice to have something tucked in my purse just in case. Unless there's something I'm totally missing (still very willing to be wrong and to learn, this is only my second time around!), these little pouches may be the handiest, tidiest baby feeding solutions since sliced bread! Er, bottles? Breasts!


Our Rhabdomyosarcoma Journey said...

I saw these for the 1st time saturday at walmart. a way cool idea! the web sites says ideal for no muss no fuss clean up-no spoon needed! i love the idea and especially for babies and toddlers! fun way to "eat" your fruit!

Lindsay said...

I give these to both my 18 month old and my 3-1/2 year old. Trader Joe's sells an apple/carrot sauce that just has to be the healthiest, easiest, on the go snack. Because they are not cheap (definitely more expensive than the same amount of apple sauce or pureed baby food in traditional packaging) I reserve for hungry tummy emergencies, traveling and picnics.

Erin said...

I have seen these too but have not tired them yet! Will have to try with Avin soon :) love her bib! Are you finding any cute holiday fabrics?

Zoe said...

so stinkin' adorable! Such a fun, messy age, isn't it? I taught my girls to drink from a straw when they were maybe 8-9 months old. They love 'green smoothies' - spinach and fruit and greens in the blender, and it was a great way to have them get some raw fruits/vegs in their diet. They never had trouble with the sucking/swallowing thing. I think babies are pretty smart about knowing how to drink and breathe.

Rachel said...

I have absolutely been feeding these to my 8 month old! He loves them, so quick and super easy. He sucks them just like in your photo. I usually save them for when we go out (they're quite expensive I think) and when we're home he has a little of what we're having. Best invention ever! (My 3 1/2 year old won't eat the toddler ones either btw.)

Shandell said...

I've been giving these to my son on the run for a while now. We started with the Plum Organics (ecomom.com or toysrus) and they actually have a teensie spoon you can attach to the top.

BARBIE said...

Loved the pictures! They didn't have this neat stuff when my kids were babies. Looks like Hazel enjoyed her meal.

Tracy said...

Isaac does all table food, but something like this would come in handy when we are at some one else's house or traveling. There isn't always healthy, good-for-baby food available. These would be perfect!

Marcella said...

Those are great. I carried them in my purse for emergencies and also great not having to worry about breaking glass or cracked plastic making a mess. Great for in the car on long rides buys you time b/f you have to stop. And I totally let me kid suck on the pouch.

Beearedubbya said...

We like the pouches too just for the convenience of them! We have always let our little men suck the stuff out. I really think that they are made to be sucks out... It is nice because we don't have to bring a spoon or worry about keeping it clean! They are a very handy compromise food for us!

Kameron said...

I haven't seen those before, but they do look handy. I'm not sure there are rules! I think whatever works is probably fine. When you are swallowing (unless you are gasping for air at the same time) your trachea is covered so I don't think she will inhale anything. Did you get those from Whole Foods?

Anonymous said...

I have seen those at Whole Foods, but haven't tried the baby food versions. Are you near a Trader Joe's? They sell a fantastic apple-carrot sauce in the same pouches that both of my little ones love. It's a great snack when you are on-the-go.

But your curtains! I was so nervous looking at the pictures....thinking "her new curtains are going to be covered in baby food" - LOL! (Can you tell it's happened to me more than once?).

Adorable pics, sweet baby.