01 November 2010


I've been busy with a lot of proverbial balls in the air lately, but that does't mean I haven't also been happily busying myself in the sewing room as well. A couple of weeks ago a girlfriend from church made a headband for Hazel (I'd been admiring out loud the headbands she makes for her daughters long enough that she generously crafted on for my girl) and encouraged me to look it over, duplicate it and improve it if I could.

What a fun project! So, duplicate I did! Here are two that I made:


I also made a couple more onesie dresses that afternoon (they're what the headbands are laying on in the picture below)- one was a custom order through my Etsy shop and one was for Hazel. You know, because she needs more dresses...


I haven't forgotten that I've promised you all a good headband tutorial and I really do plan to make good on that. In fact, making these headbands was a good reminder. Hm... maybe on one of Oliver's preschool mornings this week...

In the meantime, I'm just showing you something pretty because it makes me happy.

{the model makes me happy too.}


And, for all the saints from who their labors rest,
Happy All-Saints Day, friends!


Christine said...

Don't you just LOVE felt? It's like the miracle material. I'm the crazy lady who buys crazy sweaters just to felt them.

Love the headbands! Elastic in them? I just can't wait for a tutorial.


Lesley said...

Oh please share how to put elastic in the fabric for the headbands! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I see Isabella's dress and headband! TOO CUTE! It came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited! The headband is a tad big-but it will fit very soon! Thanks so much!!


Susan Graham said...

you wouldn't be interested in selling a few would you? I want to put headbands in Alice's Christmas stocking and with surgery coming, I need to buy them. Let me know!

Erin said...

ok i didnt know I could order dresses . . one thing I think you should try and make is diaper covers or ruffle butts please please pretty please!