29 November 2010

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

Or, as I've learned that we're supposed to call today, "Cyber Monday"! Who knew?

Seriously, is this the first year for this or am I just so out of the loop?

We spent "Black Friday" this year at the Tennessee Aquarium and then traveling on to Atlanta for a mini-vacay. Fun!

(Can I note here that we managed to make it all the way to Atlanta and back without incident - or should I say, accident - this time?! Last year we got into a wreck as we were arriving at our hotel and spent the duration of our trip driving a rental around as we waited for our van to be repaired enough to make it home for body work. Not cool. And, pretty scary.)

Anyway, we're home now and glad for it. There really is no place like home!

And now this post is beginning to feel like a ridiculously disconnected hodgepodge, so I'll just get on to the meat of things.

little town boutique

In the spirit of good ol' Cyber Monday, Little Town Boutique is running a discount at their shop and I'm sharing it with you because I thought you may like to know.

Here's the info:
20% off your entire order all day long (midnight to midnight)
use the code "CYBERMONDAY1020"

Have a lovely Monday! Cyber and otherwise. :)


Erin said...

Thanks so much for the tip, Raechel! Ever since you introduced us to this shop in the summer, I have been buying all the little ladies in my life with stylish head gear!!! Really appreciate your genoristy is spreading the awesomeness of this site! :)

Christine said...

Headgear? That conjures up unpleasant images for me, Rae. I did wear braces for like 4 years, after all. :)


Beth Norman said...

Saw your picture on McMama's post today! Such a cute little family you have! :)

Jessi said...

Glad your trip went well! The shot MckMama put up of you and Ryan is beyond cute! Now I wish I would've dragged my hubby down there!

sheads said...

Hey, that's your girl on http://www.etsy.com/listing/62015392/wool-felt-bloom-headband-turquoise-with, right? With Oliver in back? They are soooo cute! Love your blog!