17 February 2011

What's that you say?


I'm only a month away from being a 1-year-old?


How can that be true?!


It feels like I was born yesterday!


Happy eleven months, dear daughter!

If these photos don't speak a thousand words, I think it's safe to say that you have a personality like we've never seen, sweet nutsy girl. You have your own ideas about just about everything. You like and detest applesauce literally every other day and every time we get you from your nap you've removed all of your clothes.

You have your own way of getting around and walking just doesn't seem to be a top priority for you. That's fine with us though, you keep Mama on her toes crawling and climbing and cruising all over the house.

Your number one activity is pointing. And when you're feeling really good, you'll employ both pointer fingers and a sweet funny chatter. You loooove to talk to the pictures on the wall and you save your sweetest little words for when you see one of your baby dolls.

Man we're crazy about you, Hazel! How did we ever get so lucky?



Jen said...

Great pics! Happy 11 months, Hazel!

Beth said...

Happy 11 months Hazel!

Kristen said...

Safe to say Hazel is beautiful. I love the pictures!

Emily said...

She is seriously sooo adorable!! Happy 11 months Hazel!

Christine said...

She is a nut! The Case family loves her, too. Hopefully we can see her (and you guys, too) soon!


Ashley said...

Oh my, she is so beautiful. How is she 11 months already? My almost 2 year old (girl) is the same way... drama drama! But my boy is cool as a cucumber. The personality differences amaze me!

Melissa Vines said...

I can't wait to see what you do for her 1st birthday! I'm sure it will be crazy awesome! I love the black walls by the way!

Sara said...

She is so stinkin' adorable! Seriously, I'm in love. I can't believe it's already been almost a year and I'm just a blog reader, can't imagine how you feel!

Sarah-Anne said...

and i'm crazy about that adorable girl as well! she is beautiful...just like her mama. :) happy 11 months, sweet girl!

Carla said...

Happy 11 months. we just celebrated that milestone at our house too.
About the undressing..have you tried zip up sleepers on backwards? I've done it with one of my own little stinkers and they did it an orphanage I worked at to keep the toddlers from getting naked ;) They just have to be roomy enough to twist the feet around if they have feet attached. If she gets out of that one you've got a little Houdini on your hands. :)

Annie said...


Groovy said...

I just LOVE this sweet girl!! She didn't disrobe when I stayed in her room!! Does that mean she's modest already?!!!

Courtney said...

Adorable! My daughter was born last march 17th also and I love seeing a baby with about the same amount of hair!