29 May 2011

If the camera adds 10 pounds, then the graduation robe adds 50!

Ah well.

No, I did not receive any new degrees yesterday. But I did get to don my Alma Mater's colors at the graduation ceremony for the classical high school where I teach my homemaking class. And I had the privilege of being on stage for a front row view as one very special nanny extraordinaire (and friend, might I add!) crossed the stage and received her diploma.

We had a lovely day celebrating the accomplishments of some well-loved, hard-working young people. And more, we celebrated the evidence of the grace of God upon their young lives.

Congratulations to the class of 2011!

(and to Hazel, for looking like a kid in these pictures!)


Erin said...

Your hair looks gorgeous here! So pretty!


Sarah said...

I think robes make you shrink too. I pretty much tripped over mine.

Agreed on the hair!

Sarah-Anne said...

i'm with the 1st 2 commenters: the hair is to die for!! & i'm with you too: Hazel is turning into such a big kid!

Stephanie said...

What school is your alma mater?

Rebecca Schmalz said...

Yay for good ole' ONU!

Kameron said...

Your hair is so long!! I am regretting cutting mine now! Graduation robes are not flattering in the least. I think you should sew a more fashionable one. :)