22 May 2011

My Mom and I enjoyed a nice garage sale date yesterday since my sister had company in town. We took our time getting out of the house (we didn't leave my place until 8:30) and sipped coffee as we wandered around a couple of great neighborhood sales.

Nothing breathtaking today. But we had a lovely morning and I even scored something for one of y'all.

Here's my haul:

$0.25 - 15 hanging files - I'd been planning to buy hanging files to begin storing Oliver and Hazel's keep-worthy art work and things sorted by age. Definitely couldn't have picked them up at Target for a quarter - especially not in gender-specific colors!


$0.25 - Hazel shirt in an interesting shape - totally want to copy this. It has cute bubble sleeves. May even tear it apart at the seams to figure it out. Gonna need to remake it my own for fall.


$2.50 - books - came out to fifty cents each. I'm cool with this since they're all books we will very much use. (Oliver could hardly leave them alone to let me photograph them.)


Free - tiny socks for a tiny guy - for Rowan. They have grippy bottoms so he doesn't have a slip and fall. The lady that sold me the Hazel shirt threw these in for free.


$0.25 - fall shirt for my girl - nothing special to say here. it's just a shirt.


$0.75 - 3 things you want to judge me for buying - but you must know that I bought them to change them if that helps. We have family photos scheduled with Claire Wise next weekend (big yay!!!), so a big square black frame and a couple of 8x10 white mats seemed like timely investments.


$1.00 - Belle dress, wand and hoop - for Bea.
Funny story: As my Mom and I walked up to one garage sale yesterday morning I heard the lady hosting the sale say, "I just have to ask."

I realized she was talking to me so I indicated that I was listening.

"Do you have a blog?"


"Is it Finding My Feet?"

"Yeah, it is! Do you read it??"

"Yes. Haha - Stacey isn't going to believe this! I'm Cheri."

"Nice to meet you Cheri. I'm Raechel."

Okay, realized after I introduced myself that I was a big dork for telling her my name. Doy. But, how fun is it to get to meet people that read my blog!!! So exciting!! Blogging can be such a one-sided conversation that getting to connect with people that read what I write in real life is a big treat! Thanks for saying hi, Cheri! It was so nice to meet you. And thanks for the darling dress-up dress for Beatrice! And say hi to Stacey for me. :)

(Bea models her lovely new dress)

And now, my tuck-n-run find of the day:

$1.00 - a solid wood cradle for Hazel's dolls - it's going to need a coat of paint since oak does not exist in our home. But, it's solid and it's lovely and I think I'll tuck it away for a little while to pull it out as a special surprise for her sometime this summer/fall. Yay!


And, a new addition to my regular garage sale posts:

The "what I found for you" find of the day!

Yes, y'all. I've got your back! I alway feel a little bit funny showing you all of my great garage sale finds because I always worry that (especially when I find something amazing) it comes across as braggy.

It's totally not. I wish I could help each of you find great things like I do (and many of you do!).

But sometimes I run into great finds that I just don't need and can't justify purchasing. Usually it's something I already have or that won't fit me or either of my kids.

So yesterday I found this great pair of PediPed shoes in size 0-6 months for a quarter. Um, really didn't want to walk away without them, but I definitely didn't need them either.

But certainly one of you can use them, right? Right?

$0.25 - PediPed shoes, size 0-6 months - for one of you!


So, who can use them? I haven't figured out a great way to decide who to send them to yet, so for this time let's just say the first person to tell me what color Hazel's Bumbo seat was when she was just learning to sit up gets the shoes.


Bonne chance, y'all!

And please! If we ever bump into each other - say hello!
I would love to meet you!


Kim said...

our first little girl is due to arrive in a few weeks and these shoes would be absolutely adorable for her! your posts like this really make me want to get into yard sale-ing!

jilljohnandhope said...

Oh man, she's right! It was green! But this was fun! Emmy is very sad I missed out on the cuteypatootie shoes though!

Alicia said...

She got the green! I love the shoes and would love to make you a list of garage sale items to find for my little guy (including a bumbo)! Ha!

Great blog!

Ashley said...

Adorable shoes! I am again green with envy at your finds!

Bethany said...

Hazel's seat was teal! Those shoes would be perfect for my 7 week old!

Erin said...

That crib is awesome.. and love that shirt with the buttons on it.. Super cute!

Sarah Robbins said...

Light green- and it was a garage sale find, too! Bummer I wasn't earlier because those shoes are just too cute!

Amy said...

Amazing cradle...for a dollar!! Love your garage sale posts!

kristie said...

I think it was blue. This reminds me, my little one is now walking!!! I guess she'll need some shoes! =)

Ashley said...

I was thinking her bumbo was aqua blue...but I love seeing your finds! you inspire me to go garage saling...we are expecting our 2nd little girl any day now, those shoes are an awesome find!

The Blackburn Buzz said...

I am going with blue! I have no idea, but a fun guess! I think the shoes would be perfect for my 10 mo. old daughter right now; she has tiny feet. And, for 25 cents. Wowsers.

I always love reading your posts after garage sale weekend. I, too, LOVE to garage sale. Wish I had family close to go and sale with me - you are very lucky! :)
Enjoy the week!

Everychapter said...

Ooooo, I think it was mint green

BARBIE said...

I think you are my garage sale hero! I cannot believe the deals you got. That little wooden crib is adorable!

Raechel said...

Kim - you got it! Congrats!

Email me with your address so I can mail them to you tomorrow!

Kay said...

It's so neat that you ran into a reader in "real life!" How fun!

Rachel said...

I love your garage sale posts! Makes me want to get up early on Saturday mornings...that says a lot!

Also, I ordered a bib and burp cloth from your etsy shop last week and it came this weekend. Looks GREAT! Thank you :)

domesticjoys said...

Wow, great finds this weekend Raechel!! Especially the cradle! I spent a little more than usual, but well worth every penny : )


God Bless,

Be the change... said...


pinkflipflops said...

those are cute shoes! i have to say i totally thought of you when i was at a garage sale a couple weeks ago. i got an ohio state cheerleading outfit for a little girl for a 1.00!! they retail for like 30-40! i was so excited and i was like, i can't wait to share!